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Jimsathome 2011-01-30 04:54 AM

Crazy with F Connectors!!!

It's been about 3 weeks so here's the update.

I picked up the second HDPVR630 from Visions and it's sitting in my basement awaiting transport to the Lake. (I've got a Buddy heading to Kamloops in a week or so & he said he'd drop it off for me at the neighbors.)

I originally bought a Bag of 50 PPC Aquatight EX6WS F connectors (mentioned above) from a seller on eBay as I couldn't find them locally. But after playing tag in eBay messages for weeks (he never shipped them after I paid! ) I got eBay to cancel that order. In the meantime I bought 100 Aquatight EX6XLWS off another guy on eBay. He shipped right away (the next day) but when I got them they were not Aquatight EX6XLWS but rather 100 EX6XL connectors => and not what he listed or was shown in the Photo in the listing.

That order took me two months to straighten out. He apologised profusely initially and said he made a mistake & I could keep the 100 EX6XL connectors (for my inconvienience), and he'd ship the 100 Aquatight EX6XLWS, if I could wait a couple weeks as he was away on a business trip. I advised I wouldn't negatively affect his "reputation" if he did as he said, but I could only wait until the just under the maximum time to dispute a transaction on eBay. He said he'd ship well before that time. That proved untrue.

I ended up getting eBay to cancel the transaction and they were to give me a credit to my PayPal Account. They sent notification of a credit , but then two weeks later PayPal advised the seller's bank refused to remit it so I was to take it up with the Seller. I contacted eBay (again - these calls involve being on hold for ages...) and explained the situation and they agreed to remit to my PayPal account => and take it up directly with the seller themselves.

So in the meantime (did I say that before...) I bought 150 PPC Aquatight EX6XLWS F connector off another Seller who shipped the right stuff right away! So now I've got more compression connectors than I'll ever use in my Lifetime!:rolleyes:

Jimsathome 2011-03-12 01:53 AM

It's March Already & He Activated the Account - well sort of...

Time for another update. The Neighbor finally called SD today and tried to activate his first receiver. I said tried, because the Customer Service Person just wouldn't follow what i negotiated some months back.

A couple months back I posted:

"I was able to haggle with that office to finally get a $200 self install credit to go along with the $200 promotional credit plus the 8 Pay Per View credits for $50 he probably won’t use. Plus they are going to ship him the 75e Dish which should improve the signal strength a fair bit. All in all => it's decent deal."

They did ship the 75e but now SD forgets they agreed to a $200 self install credit; and offered him $50. (Now take a look at this Thread - Do you think the install was worth only $50?)

The Customer Service Person also wants to know what happening with all the recievers as he only wants to activate just one. (He doesn't have all the Cables there yet...and may eventually end up selling one or two as things are getting scaled down a bit.)

Anyway, he calls me up today all miffed about the situation, and how they won't even give him the BC Digital Value Pack they also agreed to January 2nd - along with the other hardware related details. So I agree to call them up on Monday, and try to square this up.

On a separate issue, the neighbor advised a week or so ago that he mistakenly installed 2 of the 350 foot RG6 Cable runs with cheap dual shield cable. He didn't check the markings before he installed and didn't notice it until months later. So I'm on the hunt for a couple 1,000 Foot Outdoor RG6U Quad Shield copper clad steel core boxes. We'll pull 'em out in the spring and route new cables to his house along with all new connectors.

This is an amazing saga...:rolleyes:

Jimsathome 2011-03-26 03:49 PM

It Keeps going, and going, on and on...
Time for another update I guess.

The neighbor's saga with SD continues. As they wouldn't agree to what I negotiated previously => They did up the self install offer to $150 (close but no cigar), and still no BC Digital Value Pack that they had agreed to January 2nd.

So now it's become a matter of principle for the neighbor. He's a long retired Fireman /Fire Marshal / Inspector => and a Deal is a Deal. (I agree!) He said he couldn't get agreement, so they are ramping it up to a Supervisor and will get back to him. In the interim they've put his system on "technical hold". He's not being charged for services, and the Reciever doesn't decode any signals. He hasn't discontinued his Lakeshore Cable so he can still get TV and that keeps his wife happy.

He also advised he won't be installing one of the 605, and one of the 630, recievers. (The second 630 is still unopened in the Box in my basement as I haven't got it to him since I got it from Visions around January 5th or so. He hasn't needed it anyway. The other 605 is at his place unopened.) He wanted me to see if I could return it to Visions so I called them and explained to the floor manager. He said, even though it doesn't qualify for their 14 day return policy, if it's still in the box as I explained, they'll look at it to confirm and give me a refund back to my credit card. Sounds too good to be true. We'll see...

On the Cabin side, I bought a 605 to be hooked up on my Brother's home and away package. That will bring him to the limit on recievers. He was talking about going up this weekend (Spring Break here) until he realised it's not a long weekend for us working types. (He gets every Friday off and got a boy who's off from school.) So we are chatting about Easter, or maybe the May long weekend, as we are not in a hurry and there is still snow around.

The reason I bought a 605 rather than just buy one off the neighbor was two fold. Each pair (605 & 630) were "bundled" when bought from Visions ($379.99 plus taxes and Enviro Fees) and splitting them apart for refund would be painful. The second reason is I got a great Deal from Future Shop on a 605.

To replace our second TV at home in the Family room, a ~12 year old 27 inch Sony CRT (still working fine); I just bought a "bundled" Samsung 55 inch LED LCD 3D TV / Blue Ray Player with 2 Pairs of Glasses. When you buy a Home Theater size TV Future Shop allows you to purchase a 605 for $99.99. I know the 505 days are numbered when the new bird is working, but for the meantime we wanted a second TV at the Cabin (in my Mom's Room no doubt) so the 505 will go there. The 605 will connect to the big Toshiba LCD that has the TV lift I mentioned earlier. It uses a single HDMI Cable which makes cabling much simpler for HD that the 3 component and 2 audio I used with the 505. Anyway that's where we are headed.

Jimsathome 2011-04-03 01:52 PM

Getting the Boxes Sorted...
Here's the latest:

The Neighbor finally got agreement with SD. He got the BC Digital Value Pack as agreed to long ago, but they only gave him the $150 for the self install. He got tired of haggling I guess, but at least that's done. He went to cancel Lake Cable and they told him he needs to give them 30 days notice. :rolleyes: I reminded him they offer a Vacation turn off and that's what he should do instead. (There is no cost or duration for this function that I know of. We used it at the Cabin for years.) He's going on Vacation for a week or so and it should be off when he returns. He'll then call SD and turn on his Receivers then.

He changed his mind (again) and wants to use the second 605 in the master bedroom so that leaves just one 630 to return to Visions. (The one still in my basement since January 5th or so...)

My Mom (she owns the Cabin - I'm just the maintenance guy...) now wants the TV Lift box modified so the cables come out the rear / side to a stereo stand beside the Lift Box where the Sat reciever is to reside. (Orignally the stand was going to be in front of the TV and the cables come out the front.) Since I have to reconfigure / rebuild the TV Lift box I decided to go to the 605 or 630 for the simple HDMI connection.

One of my sister-in-laws has said she wants it to be a PVR so if she misses something when cooking dinner she can go back and see it. (Her husband-another brother - and now their 2 sons - have had every summer vacation at the lake for about 23 years)

So I asked my Brother (who has the contract with SD) to contact SD and try to get a 505/630 upgrade for $99 like what was mentioned elsewhwere in this Forum. He called them and was told that's not available to him. When he referenced this Forum, they said they know all about it, but you'd have to have been a customer of SD for 10 or 12 years to get that deal. They said his only option was to buy one at the retail price of ~$400

So remembering the neighbor wanted me to return the 630 (and I thought it would be tough now that it was "un-paired" with a 605 as per the invoice) I offered to buy it from the neighbor for $290. I did a ratio of the values based on the current retail prices and applied it to the total invoiced cost for the pair including enviro fees and taxes. (1/3 to 2/3 => 605 / 630)

My sister-in-law & brother are paying the costs this time. Now my Brother (who has the contract with SD) will be having to register both a 605 and 630 => and remove my 505 (which is almost new with less than 10 hours on it) and he's at the account limit on Boxes. Then I'll try to sell the 505 as we can't use it.

This whole Project continues to amaze me...;)

HowieDoin 2011-04-03 03:10 PM


I have been a customer for only a little over 2 years and they gave that deal to me for the 630......he's been lied to.

Jimsathome 2011-05-07 03:14 PM

So I'm looking to you guys for some advice => especially if you've got a 630 or

Originally Posted by HowieDoin (Post 1243455)

I have been a customer for only a little over 2 years and they gave that deal to me for the 630......he's been lied to.


That could be, but the result was we bought the 630 off The Neighbor as there was little to be gained by arguing until eternity.:rolleyes:

My Brother added both the 630 & 605 to his account and the firmware upgrades were allowed to update the Boxes. He said they were working fine. They are now at the Cabin awaiting my trip on the May long weekend to tidy up the installations & terminations for both the Cabin and The Neighbor (If he's there. He's talking about going south about that time to buy an RV in the USA. There is more to life that SAT TV it seems. :confused:)

The Neighbor did adjust the slack in the existing cables from the Dish to the House; as one was too tight at the house and had too much slack at the dish. Now I can easily mount the outdoor Box and get conduit with the Cables to the multiswitch.

As I stated earlier "On a separate issue, the neighbor advised a week or so ago that he mistakenly installed 2 of the 350 foot RG6 Cable runs with cheap dual shield cable. He didn't check the markings before he installed and didn't notice it until months later. So I'm on the hunt for a couple 1,000 Foot Outdoor RG6U Quad Shield copper clad steel core boxes. We'll pull 'em out in the spring and route new cables to his house along with all new connectors."

Well I'm having trouble finding a wholesaler who can sell me similar outdoor Quad Shield Copper Clad Steel Core RG6 in 1,000 foot rolls. And now I'm really wondering if I should bother. So I'm looking to you guys for some advice => especially if you've got a 630 or 605 installed.

I haven't mucked with these new recievers yet but The Neighbor advises he's got 94% signal strength at his place with the mix of cables and poor terminations he's used. I'm thinking of replacing all the terminations anyway (as I've got a lifetime supply - see previous posts) and hopefully that will gain a point or two at his 630 or 605. The question is:

Are we really going to gain anything by installing the 2 replacement cable runs from the Dish to the Multiswitch?

Please advise your thoughts. Thanks.

Jimsathome 2011-05-30 01:37 AM


I guess no one is reading this Thread anymore as no one commented on replacing the cables. Oh well, here's the latest after I cut off the excess slack in the cables at the Dish and at the Cabin, mounting the Multiswitch into a water resistant Box, and puting on the Aquatight Connectors over the May long weekend.

These readings are are the 630 inside the Cabin, after the Multiswitch, 370 feet or so from the Dish.

On F1R 256 Global HD signal strength is 98 => Ecb/No. 9.3 dB

On F2 284 NBC HD signal strength is 94 => Ecb/No. 9.6 dB

On F1R 299 Shaw signal strength is 95 => Ecb/No. 7.5 dB

On F2 263 SNP HD signal strength is 88 => Ecb/No. 6.2 dB

On F1R 260 SNE SD signal strength is 81 => Ecb/No. 4.8 dB

IMHO the first two are fabulous settings, but somehow I think the metering was way over corrected in the latest firmware update. When I first dialed in the dish with a 505 reciever the numbers were good, but not great. For example:

On FR1 Channel 299 - ShawDirect Reg - the strength was 71

I was contemplating swapping out the 60e Dish for a 75e that my neighbor got for his install but, like I mentioned about the slightly degraded cable type, why bother? How can you improve upon Global HD signal strength at 98 oout of 99 possible?

One thing I did notice as odd was the LNB is a sloppy fit into the Arm at the dish. When I was changing the connectors and tidying up the cabling I noticed I could easily move the LNB about by maybe 1/8 of an inch.

HowieDoin 2011-05-30 09:11 AM

I really believe that SD should be giving a SERIOUS discount on programming due to the effort involved in even getting their service in the first place....

Installer 2011-05-30 08:20 PM

great results!
it's normal to get diferent readings on different tp's with numbers like those adjusting for a weaker tp will only takew away from a stronger 1. lock it up tight and call this install a success.

QCK 2011-05-31 10:20 AM

Not really overall great results, an Ecb of 4.8 on any SD TP is not acceptable. It is not even acceptable on an HD TP.

Installer 2011-05-31 12:12 PM

overlooked the 4.8, 6.5 is our minimum allowed for instalations.

Jimsathome 2011-06-04 01:09 PM


What is SD TP ? I get the Standard Definition part (SD) but TP? (Jim's edit - I get it - TP is Transponder. I needed that second cup of coffee this morning...) I assume it's to do with the Ecb/No. numbers.

Is 6.5 the minimum allowed for instalations by Shaw Direct? When I started this project was all about signal strength. As I remember anything above 70 was good to go. Tweaking Ecb/No. values was for fine tuning.

I guess I can tweak the set up at the dish the next time I'm there to try to improve these numbers. I assume the high ones will fall off somewhat. Perhaps we'll end up with the new 75e installed.

The neighbor has no complaints (he lives there all year round) at all about the signal, but I'll get him to document the same channels as when we did the initial install.

But my question about the relative indication of signal strength remains. I think the metering on the 605 /630 displays a far higher number than the 505 I had.

QCK 2011-06-04 01:34 PM

BTW, I probably should have included that it would be a non 8PSK SD TP.

You can get channel charts here to see what channels are on what transponder on each satellite:

You are best to use the Ecb level which more accuratly shows you the usable signal strength seen by the receiver.

TPs that use 8PSK will have lower strength values.

Do your best to get HD 8PSK channels with a minimum Ecb of 7.0 and SD QPSK channels with a minimum Ecb of 9.0. The Ecb of the channel is really the TP strength, so for example all SD channels on the same TP will have the same Ecb value.

Installer 2011-06-05 09:34 AM

just to add YES you would most certainly be better off with a 75cm dish. not only will you get better s/q but it will also be stronger, ie it would take a lot more rain and snow interference before you would have rain fade issues.
in the sat world bigger is always better, just not always as pretty.

SD 630 Support 2011-06-06 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by Jimsathome (Post 1270054)
When I started this project was all about signal strength. As I remember anything above 70 was good to go. Tweaking Ecb/No. values was for fine tuning.

Additionally, the calculation for "Signal" changed with the latest 04.06 software update on the 6XX receivers. You'll notice that a HDDSR 505 and HDDSR 605 on the same line tuned to 299 will give a different signal value, but should give approximately the same Ecb/no value.

That's another reason Ecb/no is always best - you're comparing apples to apples regardless of receiver.

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