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beanagee1 2010-04-29 07:08 PM

Will we get htc Incredible in Canada?
The Incredible is getting rave reviews. This is for now just a Verizon, CDMA phone. What are the chances that Bell or Telus will pick up this phone? Will this be a locked phone?

BGY11 2010-04-29 07:52 PM

Hard to say actually (in terms of if we'll see it).

Either way though, it will be locked to whichever provider gets it. If it's the CDMA version and only one provider gets it, then that's the only provider it will work with. If HTC makes an HSPA version though, you should be able to get it unlocked for use on other providers.

They definitely won't sell an unlocked version - carriers in North America don't sell unlocked phones.

rarewolf 2010-04-30 07:01 AM


They definitely won't sell an unlocked version - carriers in North America don't sell unlocked phones.
I have the impression that there's no such thing as a unlocked CDMA phone, and I haven't yet even seen a rumor regarding a GSM/HSPA version ...

I see the reviews for the Incredible, but they're all relative to the Nexus One (... the N1 still being a very fine device). On other fronts, keep an eye out for the Samsung Galaxy 'S' (GSM/HSPA) to come out this summer. Nothing but "hands on" previews so far, but they've also been stellar ...

This June should be pretty interesting, and I'm looking forward to dumping my WinMo Xperia (and Rogers).

cheerios from the edge :)

TKG26 2010-04-30 08:36 AM

oh im sure we will all be sitting by as the US market gets all the cool phones.. The good thing is my contract is not up yet... thankfully as there is zero android options that i like from telus at this moment.. I sure wish these phone would get a much broader launch internationally..

This phone is now on my list of i wish i could get one today: HTC sence is a much have for me...
HTC Incredible
HTC Evo 4G
Droid Backflip(if its thinner then it looks)

HTC site seems to not list the incredible or evo for some reason..

GeeCee 2010-05-01 05:29 PM

Well, the HTC Triumph is coming soon to Telus..

Tomato9876 2010-05-01 07:27 PM


This phone is now on my list of i wish i could get one today: HTC sence is a much have for me...
HTC Incredible
HTC Evo 4G
Droid Backflip(if its thinner then it looks)
Why would you want the Evo 4G? It uses WiMax 4G, which no Canadian Provider is upgrading to. That's also why you'll never see this phone in Canada...

rarewolf 2010-05-02 08:49 AM


... the HTC Triumph is coming soon to Telus.
That's ironic ... the GSM version of the CMDA Incredible coming to Telus(!?)

On the other hand, it does open up the possibilities of finding it unlocked, and choosing amongst service providers ... that's good news!!

More info ... I believe it must be the same as the HTC Desire. It's specs are posted at Phonearena, which does not list any device under Triumph.

Edit: I stand corrected ... there's CMDA and GSM versions of the Desire, and I still cannot find any GSM version of the Incredible. HOWEVER, use Phonearena to compare the Desire with the Incredible, and you'll wonder what's all the hype over the Incredible (... i.e., the only downside of the Desire is 5Mp camera versus 8Mp). I'll be looking hard for a review of the Desire!

yet another edit: There are plenty of reviews, and the first 3 I've read imply that it's better than the Nexus One (to which all comparisons are made). Now, if we can only confirm the Telus Triumph as the Canadian version of the Desire US.

OldScotch 2010-05-03 11:48 AM

The HTC Incredible has sold out within two hours of going on sale:

More available tomorrow though, apparently.

I'm really hoping to see one here soon.

profets 2010-05-03 12:13 PM

The Droid Incredible or Evo 4G could come to Canada on Bell/Telus as they are cdma phones, but I don't see that happening.

Cool to hear about that HTC Triumph. Let's hope its a NAM version of the Desire!

TKG26 2010-05-06 08:40 AM

hope we get that one... the milestone is ok and i think the backflip that telus has has a smaller screen, i want a big screen this time around. the diamond is nice but the screen is too small....

I cannot beleive how many phones HTC makes... it would be nice to see a very detailed comparison chart of "all" of the HTC droid phones. they all seem so similar..

here is one comparison:

intercollector 2010-05-06 01:03 PM

Following in Nokia's footsteps. They were the best at putting out a million phones all with the same version of symbian on it.

It worked though...Nokia has done well.

profets 2010-05-06 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by intercollector (Post 1098086)
Hmmmm....More here on the HTC Triumph?

If thats the case then maybe it will really be the Desire with 3G for north america. anyway, can't wait to see.

rarewolf 2010-05-07 06:56 AM


... maybe it will really be the Desire with 3G for north america ...
The only possible downside of this phone is that HTC has taken some shortcut as to the number of colors available to the display. IE, Android is supposed to support 16M colors, but it (leastwise the Nexus One) falls short as compared to the iPhone and Moto Droid (see comparisons here). The tests do not include other HTC PDAs, but it begs the question regarding the Desire, which otherwise looks to be the best Android phone available (today).

rarewolf 2010-05-08 09:53 AM

Just in case others may be interested in HTC's display technology, and as it applies to not showing full 24bit color -- it appears that the problem is in the hardware, specifically the PenTile pixel arrangement that is also used in the HTC Desire. explains it well in this review of the Desire.

Quoting pg.1 of the review:

We suspect that, similarly to the Nexus One, the Desire integrates the PenTile RGBG technology or, in other words, does not really offer true WVGA resolution - rather, 392x653 pixels stretched to 480x800.
[... although not specifically stated in this review, the fact the Desite also use the same display technology can be realized by googling the keywords HTC, Desire, Pentile ...]

Others still hold out that this may be fixed in future software or firmware upgrades, but this PenTile pixel arrangement does apparently make the task difficult. This also doesn't mean that I'm no longer interested in the Android Desire, but I will wait for similar reviews of the Samsung GT-I9000 and the new iPhone. The Desire is otherwise a very fine Android PDA.

mustardman 2010-06-12 01:12 AM

Lot's of misinformation in this thread.

First of all, you will not see Belus releasing any smartphones on CDMA anymore. They just fired up their new HSPA/UMTS network and that is what all new smartphones will run on. Only exception is maybe newer Blackberries but I doubt it.

The Telus HTC Triumph is just an HTC Legend running on Telus frequencies. And yes, the HTC legend runs on HSPA/UMTS. It also runs on quad band GSM but that part will not work on Belus. Only if you get the SIM unlocked put it on another provider like Rogers or internationally will the GSM stuff work.

So the HTC Triumph/Legend may have some similarities to the Incredible but there are massive differences as well. The Triumph/Legend runs 600Mhz. The Incredible runs on the 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. The Triumph/Legend has 5Mpix cam. The Incredible has 8Mpix. So just with those two differences right there I would say they are completely different.

HTC Desire is a bit more similar to Incredible. I think it runs the 1Ghz Snapdragon processor but it still has the 5MPix cam. I don't know of Belus will get the Desire or not. No official work that I am aware of.

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