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Bibowski 2009-12-14 09:39 PM

Boxee Box Now In Canada
Everyone has no doubt heard of Boxee... but the actual hardware that DLink is releasing looks amazing. Does anyone know if there plans of releasing it in Canada?

Arc|Angel 2010-01-09 03:12 AM

I thought about this as a HTPC device but if it can't do VPN and Boxee blocks Hulu for PR purposes its not that useful in Canada.

If it lets you connect to other app indexers then there is at least a CBC and CTV add on.

Wayne 2010-01-09 10:31 PM

Do any of these boxes work with the new Rogers on Demand Online service?

99semaj 2010-01-10 01:06 AM

I love the idea, but can't stomach the thought of buying D-Link hardware. I wish somebody else had been chosen as the OEM.

It's notable that the product won the CES "Last Product Standing" award...

Coop 2010-01-10 02:40 PM

There is the software version of Boxee if you want to run it on your HTPC. This should allow you to use your VPN I would think.

timmaywpg 2010-03-26 04:39 PM

Boxee Box to be released soon
The Boxee box should be coming out soon. Just wondering what people's opinions on it are. Cost should be around $200.

They are targeting release for US and Canada, however I am unsure if Canadians will be able to access all the Boxee content. Right now the only way you can see all the content is by using a US proxy.

Here is my personal pro/con list...

Open source
Will run XMBC, great time to replace my old xbox
Will support many codecs for both SD/HD material
Tons of content
Tagra 2 processor by Nvidia

No IR - need to buy a USB receiver for universal remotes to work
Unpractical design
No torrent support

gramzee 2010-05-06 06:20 PM

Just wondering why you have concerns with D-Link producing this box. I use their DIR-655 and it seems good to me.

blueroomelectro 2010-05-06 06:31 PM

I've run Boxee and XBMC on my AppleTV. Meh, I removed it about 4hrs later. Most decent albeit low res content is blocked in Canada.

murraykj 2010-10-19 03:36 PM

-- BOXEE -- Media Device
Boxee comes in a couple of different packages...

1) there is a hardware Box which has a Atom Processor...
You can get one at future shop for $199 and has a wireless remote..

its a Media device not a BlueRay Player... and you can use it to view photos, videos, music and what ever else...

It has a lot of additional applications that run in it, and is kinda similar in many ways to the additional features of the BlueRay Players that have additional online content options...

2) there is a software option... Windows, Mac and Linux... and also APPLE TV boxes (any version)

If you have a laptop, its fairly simple... install the app... and connect it to your television set... Get a Wireless Mouse... and your good to go with out wires...

its a nice media center application and also has much of the functions of XBMC.

the cheapest way to run it, is either a existing laptop... or if you wana go with a TV box.. just pickup the Apple TV box for around $119 and install Boxee as a application..

its not a Blue Ray Player... its a very nice Media Center...

some blueray units have nice media centers... sony 370 and samsung 5500 are examples

Give Boxee a try before you plank out cash for a media center... it may be just what your looking for.

North_of_Calgary 2010-10-19 09:16 PM

Isn't Netflix the "killer app" for all of these media-to-TV boxes and Boxee doesn't have it? I can't see many of these devices really being successful or in the mainstream without it.

majortom 2010-10-19 10:32 PM

was just lookin at boxee s/w application for windows.
linux version wouldn't install for me in linux.
looks to me like it has a Netflix app in it though.

What it seems to be missing is it doesn't recognize any of your existing
PC Tuners as a "media source" .

Coop 2010-10-19 11:04 PM

it's there, but doesn't work in Canada yet.

murraykj 2010-10-20 08:29 AM

-- Netflix Boxee
Netflix works in Boxee with no problems. ( Yes in canada.. )

Atleast with what I tried it with, which is the latest version of Boxee for windows
( on top of windows 7 )

there is a weblink that you must use that will intergrate the netflix into the boxee, so that you do not have to do multiple logins ect.. its a one time setup.
( I assume you have already created a boxee login )

everyone it seems is on the netflix band wagon... I have been using the service since it has rolled out in canada.

I have also looked at boxee several times over the last couple of years as typical media software.

The boxee does offer a effective media center solution.

its fairly simple to install the application on a typical laptop. example typical Dell 1525's have a HDMI Port... just plug it into your TV and its all good to go.

A small Logitech Wireless mouse is a nice option... works from the other side of the room..

( My initial posts related to this topic were more to compare use of Blueray Devices as media centers as well.. )

Coop 2010-10-20 09:48 AM

Interesting, I was reading their support from this page that say's it only available in the US.

stern_howie 2010-10-20 01:39 PM

you can pre order it at BB

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