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hugh 2009-10-19 10:57 AM

MTS Launches Canada's First Whole Home PVR

Today, MTS Allstream Inc. launches Canada's first Whole Home personal video recorder. This new and more advanced PVR is capable of recording up to three programs at the same time and playing back programs from any connected TV in the home. This is the only service of its kind in Canada and exclusive to MTS Ultimate TV Service customers. The MTS Ultimate TV Service is available in most areas in Portage La Prairie and Brandon, and to a growing number of customers in Winnipeg.


Whole Home PVR provides customers with the freedom of watching their PVR content from any connected TV in their home. Customers can also set up their PVR to record up to three programs from any connected TV in any room of the house while watching recorded content from their PVR - all at the same time. As well, customers can still pause, replay and rewind live TV from their main set top box. All existing PVR service customers have been upgraded to Whole Home PVR automatically.


For only $5 a month, customers can get the MTS Whole Home PVR service. Set top boxes are available for $3 a month per set top box. For more information on Whole Home PVR and MTS Ultimate TV Service
edited for brevity form MTS Press release

vjose78 2009-10-19 11:09 AM

Seems to me like MTS is now miles ahead of Shaw.

greeniguana_01 2009-10-19 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by vjose78 (Post 999162)
Seems to me like MTS is now miles ahead of Shaw.

Not miles ahead. Since it is not avaiable everywhere yet and Shaw still has more HD offerings including HD PPV and VOD services.

Clipse 2009-10-19 12:04 PM

Nice feature! As for light years ahead that is yet to be determined. AT&T runs this and they are far from being light years ahead of all American providers as usually something else is lacking. All about bandwith and i`m going to believe AT&T is ahead of MTS. But this is foresure a nice technological feature...

oilerjet 2009-10-19 11:13 PM

That is awesome. I hope shaw and others follow suit.

vjose78 2009-10-20 12:34 AM

Actually MTS is going to have some HD ppv soon and i'm sure HD vod won't be far behind.

jumpy27 2009-10-20 03:06 AM

How big are the hard drives in the MTS PVR's?

Dr.Dave 2009-10-20 12:19 PM

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From the MTS site:

The 160 GB hard drive allows you to record up to 120 hours of Digital TV or 25 hours of High-Definition programming.
Since MTS uses MPEG4, they can store more hours of TV in the same amount of space compared to MPEG2 used by cable and sat. companies.

AT&T in the U.S. uses the same hardware and software and have been offering the Whole Home PVR for quite a while. This is what they offer:

Moto VIP1216 160GB, 133 Hours SD, 37 Hours HD
Moto VIP1225 250GB, 233 Hours SD, 65 Hours HD
Cisco IPN4320 320GB, 311 Hours SD, 87 Hours HD

The actual number of hours that can be stored in 160 GB will vary based on the content, so I'm not sure if MTS or AT&T is more accurate. The larger hard drives at AT&T are in very limited supply, so as they become more available hopefully MTS will start phasing them in.

Mozza 2009-10-20 01:08 PM

I can't report on an accurate size, but I currently have 20 hours of HD content on my PVR, and the system information says there is 69% space left... so I would conclude we're looking at around 65 hours HD content?

whynotpayless 2009-10-20 02:09 PM

Can this PVR be used with OTA HD signals (i.e. hook it up to my OTA antenna)?

vjose78 2009-10-20 04:06 PM

No, I don't think it can be used with OTA, only with MTS' service.

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