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  Topic Review (Newest First)
2015-11-01 12:11 PM
BOZMAN How is the return policy there? I've recently purchased a turntable that I'm not happy with at all, and I'm just wondering how much of an issue it will be to receive a full refund.
2015-04-30 01:58 PM
rusure I have been a patron of TruTone in Mississauga for about 20 years and have come to know the owner and many of the staff who have graced their store over the years and have never had a bad personal experience to date.
The odd product has failed to meet my expectations, but the staff of TruTone have always made it right.
I have purchased everything from DVD players and VCRs to my first HD Big Screen to my most recent 65" Samsung UN65HD8550...always at a mutually satisfying price.
Kudos to Bob and his staff of professional sales people on 20 years of great service.
And to those who have had less than stellar experiences engaging with one sales person, may I suggest talking with another sales we are all individuals with different expectations of the client relationship, there are differing approaches offered by different sales people
2012-01-31 12:47 PM
urbanlegend I just purchased a Panasonic TC-P60GT30 60" plasma TV and a stand from Trutone in Mississauga. They were fantastic to deal with by phone, in person and for the delivery/set-up. They were super-accommodating and followed through on every promise made. I would not hesitate to recommend them and they will be my first stop for any new home theatre equipment that I need.
2010-07-23 03:53 PM
fuzzy32 Walked in during their 42nd anniversary sale in Mississauga. Wasn't expecting to buy anything and just say "Hi" to the guys. Walked out with an ARCAM DV 137 at an INCREDIBLY INSANE price. Lots of other great deals there.
2009-11-30 01:11 PM
TruTone Etobicoke

We have been TruTone customers for a couple of years now. We started off with the Etobicoke store because it was on the drive home. We even bought a receiver and LCD TV from their location. Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of dealing with Paul C. He was patronizing and had horrible customer service skills. We had customized installation planned, but due to Paul's attitude and lack of callbacks, we hired an outside contractor. At the time Paul was the manager at the Etobicoke location. I called the Mississauga store and spoke to Paul's boss. (I think his name might have been Paul too) He apologized profusely. He even offered me an additional discount off of a future purchase. So, I remain a TruTone customer.. that is at the Mississauga store.
2009-09-05 12:30 PM
viper359 Wow, lots of bad reviews of Tru Tone. So, I guess I will put mine up. It appears the old adage is true. Happy people don't write as much as angry people.

First, I dealt with Phil at the Mississauga location. I told him upfront I was interested in the demo speakers. He didn't care. True professional from start to finish. He had me sit down, and listen to the demo speakers. He never once tried to sell me on anything else. Asked me a pile of questions in relation to what they would be used for etc. Gave great set-up advice, never once made me feel second rate because I was buying demo. I mentioned I was going to have to save up to buy a centre for this set-up. Phil went looking, came back and said I can have a demo centre if I wanted it. Gave me an amazing price on that too! This was back in April. When paying for my purchase, phil gave me another sales rep information to contact if I had any questions, as he was off for a month to get married! That is service.

I recently emailed Phil about some other demo speakers. He did his best to find them, but someone had already sold them. However, over email, put together a price for some brand new speakers for me. It was an amazing price, I just could not afford it at this point!!

The other location never answered any of my emails when I was first looking. So, I have to say, if you need anything, goto the Mississauga location. Ask for Phil! I could never be happier, and the email correspondence he provided was top notch! When it comes time to buy my 58"V10 panny TV, Phil is going to be the guy I go to. I should point out, it is an hour drive for me. So, it takes some pretty impressive service to get me to drive an hour one way!
2008-05-30 12:21 PM
hugh deleted some posts.

Please review post #1 for rules on posting in the review threads.

2008-05-21 10:29 AM
Sam d2e8b8 says it all for me.

Additionally though...
You get the feeling that they size up people coming in and if they think you are not the buying type, they could care less.
2008-03-11 10:30 AM
Not for me.

I was all ready to buy a set of Tanoy speakers. Sent Paul from the Etobicoke location an email asking him if he could hook up the speakers so I could audition them.......never got a reply.

Took my business elsewhere...and will never be back.
2008-03-03 11:11 AM

I was faced with a similar issue at Trutone, so I just took it upon myself to plug in my ipod and begin auditioning. Can't blame the place if they are busy. With so few Paradigm dealers in the GTA - sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I prefer to audition myself anyway - so many dealers have overeager sales people interrupting your experience by trying to push this weeks promo instead of listening to what you actually want.

After a few minutes, Phil (Miss. location) approached and guided me through at least 10 auditions of various amps and speakers which took about 2 hours. I am sure there were a few people in your position throughout that time and I am glad he didnt go off to help someone else in the interim. With Phil's knowledgeable advice and curteous manner, I walked out with a great system. I was even called 3 days later as a follow up to make sure I was satisfied with my purchases. Go across the street and see if you get the same kind of advice and service as you do at Trutone. I can tell you from experience that that would be an unequivocal NO.
2008-02-29 07:40 PM
aznrock2000 I too was very dissatisfied with the service at Trutone Electronics. I was in there a weekend not too long ago, looking at picking up a Denon AVR-3808ci receiver and was hoping to see it in action. Unfortunately, with all the staff on hand, none of them offerred any assistance. What's worse is that one of the employees were wandering around where I was looking, fiddled with some equipment, changed some demo discs, and stood there without even bothering to ask if I needed anything. I waited for about 10 minutes in the store, hoping for someone to offer some help and then I took off disgusted with their snobby attitudes.

I am definitely not recommending this store to any of my friends.
2008-02-21 03:30 PM
ASA I went there a few months ago with my cousin because he was looking to buy a new set of floor speakers. All we got was a snotty attitude from the sales people (and were were dressed well too).

We won't be going back there again.

You guys and that "recovery" thing makes me laugh. A buyer shouldn't have to wait for a "recovery" before they get great service. The store should be right on the ball the FIRST time, not the second or third, or...

Oh, and I accidentally picked the first option instead of the last one. (my wireless mouse acted up when I went to click on the last option). So it should be 5 votes for "Extremely Dissatisfied" and only 4 votes for the first one. Can someone please fix that?
2008-02-20 11:01 AM
My Bad Experience

As with bob1964, I will never set foot in that place again.

I purchased an Epson Cinema 500 at the Mississauaga location 4-5 years ago. Prior to that, I had purchased two RP91 dvd players from them and they offered fair pricing on those. I also went there to enquire about ISF services before the Epson purchase. I asked the sales guy what exactly would they be doing for the $500 or so that I was quoted. He went on a diatribe about how he can't give that information out. I informed him that I was just asking what they would be doing for $500 in more detail, not a step by step listing of what and how. Idiot. Needless to say, I passed on their ISF services.

Despite that, I still went to them to purchase the projector. I was given a very good price, and I purchased a 4 year extended warranty as well for $500. It wasn't in stock but they said they'd call me in a few days when it comes in. I didn't hear anything from them and called them myself to check on the status. They tell me that it is in and ready to be picked up. The fact that they didn't call me to tell me it was in was my first hint that something was amiss.

My issues with them occurred a few months later when I brought the unit in for repair. The unit had developed a reddish tinted area in the projected image (probably a dust blob, but who knows). I was immediately told that I should have just called Espon directly and they would have paid for shipping to take the unit and do the repair themselves. I told Trutone of my previous experience using this service from Epson for my TW100 that resulted in a refurbished replacement. I wanted my original unit repaired. That's why I bought it from a brick and mortar store.

For some reason, the staff on hand that day wanted to see the unit in action. Guess they didn't believe me. So like a fool, I agreed and we fired it up. They still didn't believe me. I told them to turn off the lights. Low and behold, they could suddenly see the defect. Then one of their staff members tripped over the cord in the dark and caused the cord to be pulled out from the unit. It's a miracle that the unit didn't come crashing down to the floor.

So they reluctantly agreed to send it in to Epson on my behalf. Having previously fought Epson over my TW100, I wanted dealer support for this round, that's why I paid a bit extra to purchase from Trutone.

Anyways, several weeks go by. I had to frequently call in after waiting a reasonable time to check on status. It finally came back and I went in to pick up the unit. The store manager who I bought it from wasn't there when I picked it up, but the store owner was there. I asked to check the unit while I was there to make sure it was my original unit. Surprise surprise, it was a refurbished unit. And my lens cap was missing. I was pissed and let the owner know it. His response? "You'll have to deal with Epson directly". I was floored. WTF? If I wanted a refurb, I could have used Epson's service and gotten one back within 48 hrs.

So I dealt with Epson and since the vice president knew me by name from the TW100 experience, they refunded me for the projector. However, I was still out the $500 for the extended warranty.

So back I go to Trutone and deal with the manager. He tells me he'll do what he can. I have no choice but to wait a few weeks. Finally, I am told that I will only be refunded $350 out of the $150 I paid. The rest was administrative fees charged by the 3rd party warranty company. This is for a 4 year extended warranty that wasn't going to kick in for another 18 months or so. Looking back, I should have gone to small claims court.

Basically, my beef is that I wanted dealer support when talking with Epson and the warranty company. I paid extra to get this. I could have purchased the projector from an on-line dealer for a few hundred less. Trutone did not back me up. When the owner of the store tells you to deal with the manufacturer directly for an in-warranty item, why would you ever purchase from that store again?

Compare this to my experience with the manager at Canadian Sound. He bent over backwards to help me with a receiver that was almost two years out of warranty. He had great contacts at Pioneer and used them to get a resolution everyone was happy with. Imagine that, a dealer using his contacts with a manufacturer to help a customer. Trutone could learn a lesson.
2008-02-02 07:50 PM
wz286t I'm sorry to hear that Bob had a bad experience with Trutone. I hope they get a chance to "recover" with him one day.
My experiences with Trutone _were_ (last time I did business with them was about 4 years ago) quite positive.
I dealt with Neil(great guy) and ended up buying my Sony KV-34XBR800 tv from him at a very good price, and then returned to buy my Sony CD/SACD carousel player later the same year.
They were also very accomodating when I was audiitioning the speaker lines they carry, however due to my listening preferences - I ended up purchasing DefTechs from BayBloor, and then MonitorAudios from Tabangi.
I would still recommend them at par with BayBloor, and above Tabangi and Kromer.
2008-02-02 12:30 PM
bob1964 Well last Friday was trutones last chance ill never set foot in that place again ..It all started about 2 months ago i went in and talked to Robert about a Sonora audio stand they had the 5 shelf on display looked great so i wanted the sixth shelf looked like an extra shelf could fit in easily so at the same time i enquired about getting an extra glass as well as the shelf bolts after some enquires by robert problem ordered shelf picked up a few days later ...great purchase ...couple weeks later back in shelf not in nor bolts being close, big rush on, too busy probs start chatting about HD-DVD upon roberts recommondation purchase Toshiba A-35 none in no problem come back in few days later pickup dvd player ....great purchase ....Apart from the glass shelf and the bolts taking a month im getting a great feeling about thes place and robert .....
Couple weeks later walk in enquire about shelf still not in ....i was told ill get on it itll be a couple days at the same time i enquire about a pair of Studio 100,s ...robert says hell move them to another room for me which uses the electronics that closely matches mine we arrange a time to come back......well that day comes i walk in and i catch robert as hes leaving to get lunch at the time we arranged my audition i go into the room and the speakers arent moved the studio 60 are there i listen to them well after one song not what i wanted . i say its ok ill listen to them in the other room ....well after 20 mins of screwing around the lights dim and the music starts after a couple of songs he asks what i think .....then says ive been playing another speaker i cant get the studio 100 to work ....????????
So after being there for over an hour i still havent heard the speakers this was supposed to be an arranged audition least i got my shelf still no bolts .....heres where my stupidty takes over ....i then ask if we could try it again this isnt rocket science its moving two speakers from one room to the other and i never asked for this to be done it was offered ...
Well the day is here its also snowing like a bugger ....its ok trutone is on the way home and since its nasty out theyll be dead no excuses .... i arrive as i go down the stairs place is dead robert says oh **** ....i knew ..i walked into the room speakers not moved, roberts gone into the back to get the cart ...i tell him dont bother just get me the screws he takes them off his floor model ...he apologizes ...kinda late i say apology for the first time your second chance was for a recovery .....obviously doesnt give a **** about my business ....not like i was a tife kicker in the two months i spent 1500 and was looking at 3000 for speakers and after that a tv .....robert knew this
Sorry for the verbal diareaha however this was just yesterday and im still pissed about it .........rant off
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