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2010-03-21 04:51 AM
GregoriusM I have found MTS to be pretty good for landline phones, internet, and TV as far as customer service, but their cell phone business, which operates pretty well as a standalone business, is TERRIBLE.

I am going to move from MTS the moment the "hopefully" new iPhone comes out in June/July.

I can't wait to get away from MTS. They treat me like crap and yet I've been a customer of theirs for 15 years.

Their service, reception, etc. has gotten worse and worse in the last 2 or 3 years. I don't know why. Maybe because they are putting their money into the IPTV, and siphoning it from the mobility end, even though if you phone MTS, they "send" you over to mobility, and they act like they don't even know the rest of MTS exists.

2009-07-10 03:05 AM
GSMfan I could be wrong, but my impression is that Rogers will let you upgrade/downgrade to one of their other plans at anytime, and you wouldn't even have to restart the term of your contract. You can't leave them, but you can change to a different plan.
2009-07-06 01:43 PM
DGen42 I've been with MTS for a while now and I've learned one thing... MTS has to be the worst television/internet/phone provider ever... I got a motorolla rokr z6m from an MTS dealer in brandon, and have since moved to portage. Went in to the MTS store there to change my cell number and, after waiting for them for over 2 hours, still did not have a portage number. I've been to several MTS dealers since and none of them seem to be able to change the number for me... So now I'm stuck in portage, with a brandon number, making it long distance for anyone I know in town to call. Me and my wife have since switched to shaw for our tv/internet/home phone needs, and we love it! Best customer support we've had. I still have a year left on my MTS contract and I can guarantee that when it's up I won't be going back. I was considering buying out my contract but... 30$ per month to buy out the contract, on a $24 a month service? Wheres the logic in that? I'll be going over the contract I signed with a fine toothed comb to see if theres any loopholes I can find, and I will be fighting this every step of the way. I'm a really nice guy but I've had it. MTS will be sorry they ever entered in to a contract with me. Hey, maybe if they want to get rid of me after I start annoying them... I'll charge them $30 for each month thats left on my contract!
2008-12-16 07:07 PM
dc013 I was an employee of MTS and they offered an employee plan for $20 a month, with SAF it's $29 (I like rounding my numbers). I have since moved on to a much more satisfying job and they have provided me with a phone. So I no longer need the MTS phone. I went into a regular connect store (Pembina) and they said the buy out fee is $30/mth as you mentioned, which is more than my phones plan.

My suggestion, and something I have yet to do is to go to the MTS Center's connect store. It is the corporate store and have MTS employees there (the other stores have Connect employees, it's subtle but different).

Simply advise them that you will no longer be an MTS subscriber once the plans term ends, and that you'll spread the word on how poorly you were treated, and encourage others to get plans elsewhere.

MTS has long had the mentality that it is a monopoly in Winnipeg, it has yet to learn that Shaw, Telus, Rogers are very much competing with or leading the way.

I like MTS, I've never been treated poorly and they have been very accommodating with their TV service (which I don't have anymore, not enough HD) and Internet service (love this though). But if they don't work with me on my wireless issue, they'll likely lose me as a customer for all services, a concept that they don't seem to understand.

I'm not looking for much here, just a lower rate to buy out my plan, at least something less than my plans cost.

Something I just thought of (as I sit here typing) request a temporary disconnection, for however long (they'll say you can only do 3 months if at all, but just say you'll be out of the country and won't be able to use your phone for however long) It'll likely cost you $5 or $8/mth, but much less than you are paying now. I'm trying to call and find out and will post my findings.
2008-01-27 09:44 PM
southwestm81 Shawguy:

I work at one of the MTS Connect stores for a major authorized dealer, so your complaint is one I have heard before. I look at it two ways (additionally, I have 3 cells with MTS, so keeping costs trim is a definite priority too):

1) A less expensive plan comes out that still meets your kidding you want to switch to it! I don't blame you, save some $$ whenever you can. I wish MTS let you change promotional plans once or twice a year during your term, since plans change and needs change too. You can change between regular rate plans all you want, but they have this catch 22 about the really good plans. I think even letting people change their promo plan to another one once a year would be nice. I don't think at all it would hurt renewal prospects, since people always want new phones and updates to their rate plans. I also think that the renewal program should be based on revenue generated per customer. It's fair isn't it? If you spend $70 a month and someone else spends $40, should you become eligible for an upgrade sooner than the other person? It rewards customers with higher spending habits.

2) On the flip side, if they let everyone switch to the 9.99 plan that asked, it would hurt their revenue growth in mobility for the quarter. Also, when you sign a contract it gurantees that the plan you sign up for won't change (up or down). They only ever want you to really change your plan if the non-price related features no longer work you (ie overages is a big one). So they try to play the neutral card by not changing your price if the rate plan goes up or down. I think that's their strategy. That and they want to give people incentive to renew. But as I said, just implement a tiered upgrade program based on revenue and problem solved.

A good analogy is that rate plans in the cellular contract world are like computers. If you buy a new computer, then 5 months later it drops $300 or a better model at the same price comes out, do you go to the store and ask them to give you a straight exchange for the new computer? Technology changes computers, calling patterns change rate plans. At some point you gotta just jump on a plan that you like and go with it, much like when buying a computer. Computer or contract rate plan, it's a multi year investment you've made.

The System Access Fee (which I both hate paying and selling) is NOT part of the rate plan, along with features and most other things. The contract only protects the actual plan cost (eg $9.99). It is same crap with all the carriers.

Rogers does have the best retentions dept I think right now. Telus and Bell are hit and miss. MTS needs to loosen up and fall somewhere between the two.

Personally, I think this $10 plan thing that everyone is doing is garbage. I say this because it price conditions people to think that paying more than $25-$30 for a service is outrageous. Look at the customers that have SuperTalk 15 from Telus a ways back? Telus hates the fact they still have people on that plan because it doesn't generate very much revenue. It's simply a way for carriers to boost their subs for the quarter and brag "hey look at how many people we got to sign up"....ok, but how much revenue are they generating? What is your ROI? You know? It's like always having cereal on sale, then one time it's not on special and people freak out!

That LG 150 phone has been as much trouble as the Samsung m500, one of which I see come into the store with issues on a semi frequent basis. Anytime the LG gets sent out for service it ALWAYS comes back with the motherboard replaced. People were attracted to it because it was free and had no camera. The would have been better off with the a640 (which was kind of junky, but has proven to be a lot better than the LG 150).
2007-12-04 03:03 AM
sillysimms I'm sorry about the situation and hope they have given you some remedy by now. I'm in Ontario and not familiar with MTS BUT just did have one thing to say about the LG phone. I'm on a shared plan with Telus with my husband. On 2 occasions, he also had web browsing charges on his phone. He is not technically inclined at all, does not use a regular computer and never used web browsing on his cell phone. In this case, Telus was nice enough to reverse the charges and they also put a block on his phone so he is unable to access web browsing. Just a thought, maybe MTS could do that for you? Of course if there are times you want to use web browsing it wouldn't work, but just a thought if it's a feature you're not using.
2007-11-06 11:06 AM
Mozza One sure-fire way is to call in and complain about signal quality. Say that your calls have been dropped, etc. Then state that you're thinking of switching your cell service to another provider because of the poor call quality, but if you could get on that new contract you might consider staying. Works when dealing with Telus, so...
2007-11-05 07:35 PM
shawguy 81omega - I know your an MTS employee, ....But on that same note...when MTS raises access fees, and raises bundle prices, you have to pay the higher rate no matter how much longer your contract is...even though it says on your original contract the lower price - how is that fair to the consumer...if you signed at a $6.95 access fee for two years - MTS should have sucked up the difference until your two years was over....should they not have based that logic? Wireless service is a monthly my opinion and in this case it was a decrease....ON THE SAME PLAN I AM ON... its not a different plan offering or name. I just hate when companies like MTS slash their prices just to make their quarterly reports look good - saying look we have 2000 new customers....whereas in the meantime....they have 2000 more angry customers because they don't care once you have signed that paper. So really that arguement has no basis.

Mozza - They gave me two options.... buy out my contract for 10 months at $30 a month and sign a new two year (meaning I would have 3 years left - as I have 22 months left right now).... or buy out the contract for $400, but I would rather not give them any money for services not I am just going to be the most difficult customer they have had for the next 22 months, and they are stuck with me as I am stuck with them. I would save $330 over 22 months if I was on the 9.99 plan at $15 less per month, so spending $70 more - yes I would be done with MTS.....but I will just be more difficult as a consumer and get my $15 extra worth of customer service each month. Ex. Call MTS.... "Hello could you tell me what caller ID is" - they tell me... sorry I don't understand.... and delay the call causing a longer wait time for others - meaning more angry customers from having to wait... I can do that 1-4 times a day... if it has to get down to that. *Just a little bitter - can you tell? lol

Steelers2005 - Sorry I forgot to mention in my original post...before I called the advocates office, I spoke to loyalty dept - direct line: 958-1896, and they were not helpful at all. They would not even give me the advocates phone number or a mailing address for MTS head office, I had to call back customer service, and get the advocates number (as in my original post) and the head office address which I can post later should anyone need it.

oldsaskatoonboy - That is one thing I will have to give rogers - their customer service is willing to throw many deals your way, whereas telus and mts don't seem to be that way as much, I wonder if it has anything to do with rogers being a cable company first? lol

Shawguy...who can't wait for Shaw to offer cell phone in Winnipeg... .lol
2007-11-05 06:03 PM
steelers2005 Fyi: Funny but i was on the same plan (24.99) when the new insider (9.99) came out. To be honest i was two days past the two weeks that you can change. I phoned in and spoke c.s.a who would not help me and said it was to late. I asked to speak to someone in loyalty dpt. Stated my concern and they agreed to swith me to the 9.99 plan based that i was with mts for a long period. Yo might want to give it a shot and speak to someone in loyalty dpt. Wish you luck.
2007-11-05 04:54 PM
81omega On the flip side, if MTS changed the fees on their new plans (maybe higher) should they be able to charge you more? Oh wait, you might state that you signed a contract and they cannot charge you more. At which point does a contract become void? Just because a different price comes out you feel that you should be able to tear up your legal contract?
Don't think that many contracts work the way you would like.
2007-11-05 10:05 AM
Mozza Depending on the contract cancellation fee, would it be worth it to just cut your losses and leave? I would at least threaten to do as much.
2007-11-05 01:36 AM
oldsaskatoonboy I am sorry to hear that, but yes MTS sucks. My son`s Rogers phone went into a Beer cooler for a swim on his grad nite, took it into Rogers service and a new Nokia basic flip phone was given out to him as a loaner. His phone is out for service and came back unable to fix due to water damage. His choices were a new phone at at greatly reuced rate from Nokia or a unlocked phone bought on on the internet.

Well my contract is up this month and I have been talking to Rogers and told them of my plight, low and behold he is getting a new Sony/Erricson music phone for $49.99 and a new contract (his contract started in July 2007 for 2 years).

Now that is what I call service, I think Shaw Guy that you should go public and make a fuss till their is no tommorow and then maybe they will listen. Hey MTS are youi listening people leave because you screw them. I for one will most likely never come back, been with Rogers for 2 years just sighned on for another 3 years, the above service success story is the reason why!!
2007-11-04 11:37 AM
MTS Horror Story...Any Suggestions?

As you will see in my last post found HERE, MTS starting offering the Insider Plus Plan for $9.99 as of October 26 at 1pm. Now I signed up for a two year contract on August 1, 2007. The plan I signed onto is the Insider Plus Plan. I have 250 minutes, free evenings and weekends starting at 6pm, and free incoming and outgoing calling to any mts mobillty customer in MB.

Now the problem I have is I am paying $24.99 a month, and they are now offering the exact same plan for $9.99. Now I realize cell companies change plans all the time, but when I signed up I signed up to the plan and it said promotion valid August 1/07 to October 31/07. I was given the LG150 as my free phone, etc etc. Now MTS says they will only price match plans for 14 days, and it has been more than 14 days of course, so they are telling me they can't do anything for me.

I won't accept they can't do anything, its that they don't want to do anything. I realize I wouldn't have any ground if anything changed...but I have the exact same plan name, with the exact same features, I have the exact same free phone they are offering, and they changed the plan price in the same promotional period that I signed up. If any one of those four had changed, I know I wouldn't have any ground to stand on, but none of it has.

I spoke to MTS Customer Care at 225-5687 (987-6666 or 1-800-362-3347 - Direct number to Wireless) and spoke to many CSR's and a couple of call centre managers. They were no help, so I called the customer advocates office at 941-6800 (1-800-263-1174) who did a little more research and came back and told me there was nothing they could do. I am not willing to accept that. does anyone else know what other avenues I can take this, and what else I can do. I realize in the end they are probably not going to do anything about it because they know they have me locked in at 24.99 for 22 more months, but I just want to cause as much hassle for them as possible in the mean time. MTS doesn't even allow you the ability to change plans, whereas Telus and Rogers do up to 2 times.

Also Did you know that MTS has the highest system access fee in Manitoba.... there's is $8.95 whereas Telus and Rogers are only $6.95 and MTS' official answer is that Telus and Rogers will eventually raise theirs. Rogers even has the ability to have their customers name and numbers appear when you call someone, MTS doesn't have that yet - so why the increase in access fees...this went to that price in Feb 2007.

Also the free phone MTS gave me the LG150, now I do realize this is not MTS' fault, but LG's, but I am on my third phone since August 1, and the first two were because the phone would freeze and shut down on me when making a phone call or text messaging someone. Now I just got my phone back and they had to replace the whole motherboard, so I am hoping its fixed now. But this phone is also one that has a web button in the top left corner, and LG phones do not ask you before you connect to the web if you want to, or have a web guard like samsung does, and sometimes my phone will just be sitting on my desk at work, and I will open it at lunch, and it will have connected to the web by itself - defying all known laws of electronics.... and each time it does that I get charged $0.33 from MTS - for 11kb of web usuage (0.03 per kb), so I am now forced to add unlimited web browsing to my plan with MTS for $3.00 than my current bundle, because I am already giving MTS a $1.00 a month for something I am not using so why not pay $2 more and get unlimited.... and to lock the LG150 is more a pain in the butt than its worth....but LG should seriously either have a web lock, or allow the customer to change that button to something else, and its not possible, even through the service menu.

If that wasn't enough to deal with, with the LG phone, whenever someone sends me a text message.... it won't tell me who sent it to me, even though I have the phone number programmed into my phone twice at area code - number and 1 - area code - number.... all it says is Fr: 1-204-xxx-xxxx. but if I physically go back into that contact and re-save everything and then go back to the text menu - the from line now changes to that persons name, but the next message they send me, it goes back to Fr: 1-204-xxx-xxxx. Same thing when I am on the phone and I have call waiting and someone calls me, all it says is Call Waiting and it will say the name of who I am talking to at the moment as the person who is calling me... . not the person calling me as its supposed to. I don't really want to have to send my phone away again, because its done this on all 3 I have had, so its some sort of software glitch with LG...but it doesn't help that I am stuck with this phone for two years, and MTS thinks I am liar with the web connecting on its own, and the fact that they are now offering a plan for $15 less a month, a savings of $330 + tax over 22 months...really puts the icing on the cake..

Now that I have said all that, where do I go from here....should I continue to complain to MTS about my plan, should I write LG about their phone, or hassle MTS about it...since they offered to me, should I keep sending my phone away for repairs and deal with an old loaner phone that is not the one I paid or signed up for when I got the plan. I am just so frustrated with MTS all together, that I just want to share my story with any fellow Manitobans, and recommend they take their business elsewhere, because once MTS has you on a contract they don't care anymore, whereas I have dealt with Telus and have friends on Rogers, and they are a bit more helpful, and one even had Rogers put him on the new $10 rogers plan even though his contract wasn't up...whereas MTS doesn't do anything for their customers!


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