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2007-10-23 11:59 PM
scrooloose A little more info for those of us that just can't let this go!

Personally, I didn't want to see Tony get whacked, I just wanted some closure. Oh well.

2007-06-21 04:59 PM
Lindsay649 Hilary Clinton has used a parady of the last episode of the Soprano's to unveil her campaign song. In some respects it is just about as good. Was really disappointed in the finale but it was only a tv show.
2007-06-17 01:44 PM
Ham.Clan Great in-depth analysis.
I still think he flipped.
2007-06-16 10:09 PM
More interesting analysis...

RIP Tony, it was a good one while it lasted...

Tony Soprano didnít just get whacked; he practically got a funeral
2007-06-16 01:55 PM
The YouTube video is incorrect!!!!

Oh my god - what a bunch of crap!!

The problem is that people on boards like this watch things like that and believe it while not checking the facts.
For example (I still have it on my PVR):

1) The man at the table is not Nikki Leotardo, he is listed as "Man in Members Only Jacket" and is played by "Paolo Colandrea".

2) The two black guys are listed as "Du Kelly" and "Sharrieff Pugh" neither of which appeared in any previous episode of the Soprano's. Besides, I think one of the two black guys who tried to kill Tony early on was shot and killed by Tony.

3) The truck driver in the diner was played by "Patrick Joseph Connolly" who also is not listed in the as being in any previous episode - he was not the truck driver that Chris hijacked in season 2.

And there's no correlation between the boy scouts or the number of times Meadow tries to park. This is an example of trying to make something out of nothing. Boy scouts, truck drivers, men a diners, etc are all just signs of Americana and a typical evening at a diner in NJ.

I hope the people on this site are smart enough to realize to not read too much into any of this. And realize that the stuff in the youtube clip is total crap and in the cases I pointed out above, completely false!

Personally I don't think that Tony is killed, I think it ended for the audience like it ends for a character when they are whacked. Like I've posted previously the scenes in the diner were just there to create tension. Really tension for nothing. And I think it is very unlikely that the man at the table is an assassin. As I've posted before, he shows very few of the characteristics of a hit man, and the series really ended with Tony being much more likely to be arrested than killed!
2007-06-16 12:11 PM
james99 Interesting analysis:

2007-06-15 04:46 PM
oilblue I'm still of the opinion it was the audience that got whacked, not Tony. We're the ones hearing silence, we're the ones seeing black. Until reading that theory (posted in this thread by dm_4u), I was as confused as anyone. The theory made sense though, and none of the clues mentioned thus far contradict the idea what we've been rubbed out. All in all, great ending!
2007-06-15 04:08 PM
Danster Whatever happenend, if HBO wanted to have an episode that would create such a stir, well they succeeded. It's going to be a week tommorrow and people are still talking about it...

The most ludicrous critic I've read so far was some TV goof that said people should cancel their HBO subs in protest of such an ending. It's t-e-l-e-v-i-s-i-o-n. It's there to entertain us. We sure got entertained in our house. I think it was a brilliant ending cause like one of the DHC'ers wrote, we were looking at our watch and the TV screen to see Tony get whacked but it never happened. That is just pure fantasy. Big thumbs up to HBO.

Now I'm waiting for Deadwood....
2007-06-15 12:22 PM
JesseJ Think Tony Soprano's dead? You may be right

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Fans of "The Sopranos" are seizing on clues suggesting the controversial blackout which abruptly ended the TV mob drama meant that Tony Soprano was rubbed out, and HBO said Thursday they may be on to something.

One clue in particular, a flashback in the penultimate episode to a conversation between Tony and his brother-in-law about death, gained credence as an HBO spokesman called it a "legitimate" hint and confirmed that series creator David Chase had a definite ending in mind.

"While he won't say to me 100 percent what it all means, he says some people who've guessed have come closer than others," HBO spokesman Quentin Schaffer told Reuters after speaking to Chase.

The biggest hint, according to a consensus taking shape on the Web, is a scene from an earlier episode in which Tony and his brother-in-law, Bobby Bacala, muse about what it feels like to die.

"At the end, you probably don't hear anything, everything just goes black," Bobby says while they sit fishing in a small boat on a lake.

That scene is recalled briefly in a flashback played at the end of the penultimate "Sopranos" episode, as Tony is lying in the darkened room of a safehouse clutching a machine gun to his chest in the midst of a mob war.

"I think that is one of the most legitimate things to look at," Schaffer said when asked about theories that the Bobby Bacala flashback was meant to foreshadow Tony's death.

Moreover, he said the man in the "Members Only" jacket could be interpreted as a symbolic reference to membership in the mob. "Members Only" also was the title of the episode in which Tony's demented Uncle Junior shoots him in the gut.
2007-06-14 02:49 AM
I don't know why everyone is so hung up on Tony being killed. If he really feared for his life he wouldn't have moved back home and would have stayed at the safe house. And the NY guys probably could have whacked him at or after the "sit down", visiting Junior, etc.
just for the sake of argument , it's not the NY crew that Tony has to worry about, but Phil's family in Italy. remember he supposedly has a rather large and violent family in Italy (Paulie even referenced this when Sil gave him the kill order, and it was mentioned before in the series).
at first i thought there's no way Tony's going to get whacked by a lone gunman in a crowded place, but if he's not protected, one guy is all it takes.
2007-06-13 06:24 PM
North_of_Calgary I don't know why everyone is so hung up on Tony being killed. If he really feared for his life he wouldn't have moved back home and would have stayed at the safe house. And the NY guys probably could have whacked him at or after the "sit down", visiting Junior, etc. But instead they said that they wanted the violence to end.

So while Tony is never completely safe, even Chase said in an interview something like "Tony is safe, or as safe as Tony ever gets".

The thing that was more worrying to him is whether he was going to be arrested. The events of that final episode showed that Tony was much more likely to be arrested on the various charges than he was to be killed.

The end he was probably more suspicious of the FBI walking through the door than a hit man. The man at the bar likely was not a hit-man (from the points that I've made earlier), possibly he was FBI, but likely he was neither.

I highly doubt Tony was on the verge of being killed.
2007-06-13 04:50 PM
Any meaning with the song? (there usually is).
I watched the last episode after the fact (a fews days later). A friend was kind enough to download it for me.

My take on all of this?

Go back and read all the song titles Tony flips through while at the booth. (maybe a clue as to what might happen?)

Awesome ending! Each of us gets to decide for ourselves whether there's a mob whacking or a family continuing.

My thinking as well, but I still think they are going to release a movie (even though the votes I have seen on the net are towards not having one made).

The music... "Don't stop believing". Tony asks rhetorically to AJ that he is sure that he really likes the new "deal".
Meadow finally arrives.
Screen goes black to suggest the end of "the life" and the beginning of a new life. In the witness protection program.

This is where the new Soprano story begins.
My thoughts exactly. (and where the movie, if they do end up making one, will begin from).
2007-06-13 02:06 AM
cyclo I watched the final 5 minutes a few times... I had to get the torrent as I missed the part where Tony looks up just after hearing the bell ring as Meadow enters the diner... I too liked the way it ended. I thought the choice of the song by Journey was also a good one.
2007-06-13 01:21 AM
The last time the bell rang... fade to black... The bullet that enters Tony's head travels faster than sound... he never hears it.
I just watched it. I'm not a fan of the show or whatever...
I think that it was Meadow going into the restaurant...there was no one else outside (that I could see).

Good ending though. Perfect IMO.
2007-06-12 07:04 PM
alysomji After thinking about this a lot and re-watching the ending a few times, I've come to two theories what the ending to the finale meant. I will quote the explanations of others in my theories.

The first theory seems the most valid - especially as I hear that any Sopranos movie will be based on a time period before the date of the finale in happenings which we were not privy to (after all, we don't get to see much of their lives - just snapshots or episodes).

Theory 1: Tony is dead
Tony Got Whacked. follow the pattern:
Bell Rings, Tony Looks up, cut to Tony's perspective.
1. Bell Rings, Tony looks up, sees woman enter diner.
2. Bell Rings, Tony looks up, sees wife enter diner.
3. Bell Rings, Tony looks up, sees USA man enter diner.
4. Bell Rings, Tony Looks up, sees son and hit man enter.
5. Bell rings, Tony looks up, sees gangsta's enter diner.
6. Bell rings, Tony looks up, Whack, cut to black. Music stops. Everything stops.

The flashback scene in last weeks episode involving Bobby and Tony fishing and speaking about what its like to get whacked explains it all. "You don't see or hear it comming, it all must turn black."

part of that was revisited in the second to last episode during the last seconds of it, when tonys about to go to sleep and he flashes back to the memory of him and bobby on the boat... "You probably dont hear anything everything just goes black"

so in the end, the Journey song was playing, the chimes on the door sounded but when meadow came in, the guy in the trucker hat came out and killed tony...

its the reason you aint hear, or see anything when he died.... it was from his perspective.... and everything went black, then the credits rolled.

Show creator David Chase on the finale:

"I have no interest in explaining, defending, reinterpreting, or adding to what is there," he says of the final scene.

"No one was trying to be audacious, honest to god," he adds. "We did what we thought we had to do. No one was trying to blow people's minds, or thinking, 'Wow, this'll (tick) them off.' People get the impression that you're trying to (mess) with them and it's not true. You're trying to entertain them."

New York Post:

Matt Servitto, who played FBI Special Agent Harris, said Chase briefly kept the camera rolling after what amounted to Tony's final moment on screen - and that the extra footage appeared to clearly spell the end for the supreme Soprano.

"[Tony's daughter] Meadow got into the diner, sat down . . . The menacing 'Members Only' jacket-wearing man at the counter was a little bit more in play, and I think she's sitting there with the family kind of all together . . . and all of a sudden, the menacing man gets up, starts walking toward their booth. End of show," Servitto said.

"The scene cut as the [menacing] guy was advancing toward [Tony], as if he was about to shoot Tony. It was, I think, less ambiguous that Tony was going to get shot."

Theory 2: Tony is alive and life continues - but we are no longer privy to it
I took from the ending that life in the Soprano's household would continue as it has done for the last six seasons ... we just wouldn't get to see it any more. Throughout the entire episode and particularly in the last scene, the suspense felt was quite incredible - wondering if any minute now Tony would get whacked - I think it showed that Tony's past sins would always shadow him and he was always at risk.

Life continues for the family, but we are no longer privy to what goes on.

Finally, I would just like to say: it's over. At their conclusive dinner, A.J. reminds Tony that he told his son to always "Hold on to the good times." But Tony can't do that anymore, because he's haunted. Potential assassins are everywhere, as that final scene so viscerally demonstrated. Whether he lives, dies, gets indicted, or goes senile, he's doomed to unhappiness. That's as close to a ending as any real artist needs to get.

From E News:

And then there's the minor issue of Chase and cohorts killing off, in this season alone, many of the key players who would've been expected to appear in a film version of the show. But that hasn't stopped him from toying with a movie idea in the past.

One potential premise, he told the Star-Ledger, was "going back to a day in 2006 that you didn't see." Under that scenario, some of our favorite offed mobsters would still be kicking. But, as Chase observed, there would be some logistical issues. Tony's children, for instance, "would be older than they were [on the show] and you would know that Tony doesn't get killed" so there wouldn't be much suspense.
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