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2019-09-18 01:00 PM
orbot The 2-37 file was sort of a "bonus", I mentioned that in 2 years there wouldn't be anymore channels above 37 and I might bump the thread one day, so the programmer built another file and I didn't want to bother them any longer.

I've been using the 2-51 file since yesterday and the live bandscanner is just blazing through now that it ignores the cell signals above 51, it's great!
2019-09-17 08:38 PM
majortom Nice orbot... Good man...
The beauty of open source software, if ya see something ya don't like,
you are free to change it.

edit: I haven't tested it since i don't run windows, but judging by the filename shouldn't the one be '2-36', and not '2-37'?
37 remains clear everywhere for astronomy.
2019-09-17 07:33 PM
orbot majortom, thanks for looking into it, I also tried building the program myself over the past few days but just couldn't figure it out. Luckily a programmer on another forum was able to build the program for windows, so in case someone else wants a windows version of hdhomerun_config.exe with channel range of 2-51 or 2-37 for use with the rabbitears Live Bandscan software, here's a link: (I just copy/pasted one of the x86 hacked exe files over the original hdhomerun_config.exe file that came with the Silicon Dust software and it worked)
2019-09-15 01:10 PM
ExDilbert There is also the Windows Subsystem for Linux.
2019-09-15 02:10 AM
majortom orbot, get urself a raspberrypi, and use it to get a little linux under ur belt.
I looked around a little and honestly don't think I have the passion to figure out
building programs in windows.
2019-09-14 12:14 AM
orbot That's awesome! I didn't realize the 2-51 fix was so easy. I have non-tv signals on rf55-64 out here too and the hdhomerun software wastes time trying to lock them. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck compiling source code before (but I do understand what I have to change in the hdhomerun_channels.c file). Not sure if my computer is set up for it. I just got a new windows 10 desktop.
2019-09-13 11:33 PM
majortom I do that intentionally, to save from wasting time..
a one liner, compile the library then install.

I do something similar to remove those channels from every application I use,
like in mythtv. Why waste ur time scanning those?

edit: in case anyone was interested, if ur familiar with hdhomerun_config_gui, you'd know that it's designed
to use VLC to play the channel ur tuned to. Well ya can't play very well if at all with VLC on a raspberrypi, so this one will allow u to
use a different player like 'mpv' which works really well on the pi platform.
That is pretty much the extent of my tinkering with hdhomerun source code.

edit2: I forgot about this one. Some time ago I had noticed that when changing channels, if u let the tuner settle down a bit,
before moving on to the next channel, the SNR or quality reading would stabilize and be more accurate.
So I changed that in the library to settle down for me.
That means the snr or quality is probably more accurate than all the rest of them would be.
2019-09-13 11:16 PM
orbot majortom, I didn't realize you've been a rabbitears Live Bandscanner for several years. Looking at your channel list at, are you using some hacked hdhomerun software that only scans rf2-51 instead of 2-69?
2019-09-07 12:03 AM
majortom Nice... funny how that works, someone always out there that has been down a certain road...
Mind showing the device info, how it prints out?don't have that one...
2019-09-06 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by majortom View Post
see how this works out on ur hdhr4... Keep in mind I only had 77 samples to work with, but it does look pretty linear.

(0.00991 * $15 + 45.3),"\t"(.00991 * $15 + 45.3 - 48.75 )
Slope	0.0099156414
Intercept	45.2737590943
You could do this command to detect the hw version to decide which flavor of dbg= output to expect... and thus use that to
determine which formula to use...

~/src/TV_Stuff > hdhomerun_config 103AB6AA get /sys/model
Many thanks to majortom and 905schmick for the leg work on trying to figure out how to convert SS% and DBG values for the HDHR3 and HDHR4. I've been looking around the internet for a while, and this is the only place I found information about it.

Also sorry I'm so late to the party.

I actually need to calculate the dBmV and dBm for the HDHR5 from the debug value, so I followed your process to calculate the linear equation with about 100 data points of SS between 25 and 99, and got this:

1. The HDHR5 also defines SS as a percentage between 0-100% where 100% = 0 dBmV and where +/-5% = +/-3dB power.
2. The HDHR5 has 2 dbg values separated by a "/". I'm using only the first one and ignoring the second.

Signal Strength (in dBmV) = 0.01 * dbg1 + 34.458

I just wanted to share my results in case someone else finds this thread and needs the conversion equation for HDHR5.
2016-03-19 08:33 PM
Works on LG 4K Smart TV

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that our new LG Smart TV found and recognized the HD Homerun on the network. All of the available channels are displayed, and you can quickly and easily tune whichever station that you desire from your antenna.

The LG uses WiFi or wired network connections. The HD Homerun worked flawlessly via WiFi on the LG.

This is a good solution for anyone wanting antenna TV access, without having to install a dedicated coax run...or if the RF input is already occupied by a digital cable adapter. And the HD Homerun has dual tuners so more than one Smart TV is supported simultaneously.

The HD Homerun is growing on me. Now if they'd do a software upgrade to allow "add channels to line up" (to support antennas on rotators), I'd be a really happy camper.
2016-02-11 01:52 AM
Cham I replaced the "updated" installed display driver with what was supplied with the original motherboard package and now it seems to be working fine. Don't remember changing the driver... may have been one of those microsoft updates that was done before I turned off automatic updating. If that had not worked, next step would have been to mess with different codecs, was doing that already with the satallite receiver, but I had that working fairly well now and didn't want to mess with it. Sat stuff is still working (so far).

All plays well using the HDHomeRun View windoze app.

Tried your recommendation by clicking on the "view". It opens Quicktime, which I almost never use, which promptly freezes, and I have to go into the task manager to close it. Also tried to access the stream via VLC using the local IP address of the HDHomeRun, it seems to load the logo of what ever channel is tuned and just sits there. Will have to play with that using port numbers etc I guess. I can access the video through Kodi, change channels, volume control, etc. Plays perfectly there now too. Otherwise my weakest signal this evening was CBC out of Winnipeg at 82Q, signal and symbol rate was 100%.

Tnx for your help, got me thinking and pointed in the right direction.

2016-02-10 12:50 PM
audacity No, your PC should be more than capable of doing MPEG2 decoding. I was asking about wired vs wireless because sometimes wireless interference can really affect traffic that is sent over UDP.

So, just so I can properly understand: you have a very capable Intel Core i7 desktop, connected to your network via Ethernet, and when you play live TV you get all sorts of visual artifacts in the video.

Please try the following (on your desktop):

1. Launch the app "HDHomeRun Config".
2. Pick one of your tuners and type in a channel number that you're having trouble with.
3. Note the Signal Strength, Signal Quality, and Symbol Quality measurements. They should all be consistently in the "green".
4. Click the "View" button.

In this case your viewer app (which I imagine would be VLC) will pop up and you'll see a video. If you're running into issues with the video, the issues could either be introduced before the tuner (i.e. poor signal quality), after the tuner (e.g. UDP packet collisions, issues with wireless networking), or due to software issues.

If you're installing the HDHomeRun drivers and VLC, that's a very standard configuration - one that I've done on many PCs. I have trouble believing that's the problem in your case.
2016-02-10 12:44 PM
My router says it's only outputting 11 to 15 Mb/s data. I can stream video from a sat receiver connected to the same cable/port at more than 80GB/S (full TS). Seems maybe it's not running enough bandwidth to deliver HD video and audio??
15 Mbps sounds about right for HD on CBC, City TV and Global. CTV would be a little over 17 Mbps. The theoretical maximum on an ATSC channel is 19.2 Mbps.
2016-02-10 12:35 PM
ExDilbert It's likely a CODEC issue. Some programs, like Kodi and VLC have them built in. Others, like WMC and NextPVR, rely on external CODECS. Win7 does not ship with an MPEG2 CODEC so one must be installed. To confuse things even more, some programs ship with external CODECS that might or might not work with other programs. There are a number of free CODECS available. I find that ffdshow, Matroska splitter and AC3Filter are sufficient for use with NextPVR. If that doesn't work, I would try updating the video driver.
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