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2019-09-12 10:48 AM
acreguy Thanks, Dr. Dave! I'll check it out and post back...

- Lee
2019-09-12 10:46 AM
Dr.Dave @acreguy I merged several related threads into one.

The Arris VIP 2502 was state-of-the-art hardware at the time it was introduced. I checked the specs of the VIP 5662W when it was announced and the CPU is about 10 times as fast as the VIP 25xx PVRs and STBs. Arris does make a VIP 5602W 4K STB, which is basically a 5662 without the hard drive, which Telus uses in BC and Alberta. Bell doesn't have it on their web page, but you may want to check with them via phone or chat to see if it will become available, or if they have other plans for a faster STB.
2019-09-12 08:22 AM
acreguy Thanks, flaminghomer. I read some posts right after I wrote this one and found that out. Any suggestions on what to replace this Commodore 2502 with ?! Thanks...
2019-09-12 12:08 AM
flaminghomer Hi, I think it's been mentioned in other threads that you can't have more than one PVR on an account.

That said, I agree with your opinion of Bell's equipment...
2019-09-11 10:58 PM
Replace my VIP 2502

Hi everyone,

I honestly think the VIP 2502 is not up to today's standards. I'd like to replace it. Is it possible to replace it with another PVR, since they seem to have the most speed and RAM? My current PVR is the VIP 5662W (4K). It is routed through my Hub 3000. I would swap out the VIP 2502 with another PVR. Would that work? How would recordings be shared between the two PVRs? Perhaps this wouldn't work. If not, are there better remote receivers that would work that have real CPUs and decent RAM for better speed and features that actually work?

I'd like to tell Bell to come and get this piece of junk and put it back on the shelf with the rest of their Commodore 64s! It's dead slow and half the features don't even work.

2019-09-10 10:26 AM
acreguy I hear you, SimmZ,

Gone are the days where you can expect quality for your hard-earned dollars. Every company on the planet has an enormous appetite for profit. Meanwhile, I get old waiting for some old piece of junk (VIP 2502) to decide if it will work or not . I'd gladly pay a bit more if Bell would offer a remote receiver that works!!
2019-09-10 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by acreguy View Post
Good to know, SimmZ. Thanks for the info. I kind of suspected that it was a CPU issue. Bell probably has a ton of leftover CPUs from the 1978 Commodore Pet and sticks them in a modern device !!
Before actually getting my old Bell Fibe setup fully upgraded by Bell, I had the old VIP2262 1080P PVR and this thing were INCREDIBLY slow. Just switching from a channel to another is like 3 seconds and just browsing the guide is more than 1 second between each move up or down. When the Bell's technician upgraded my VIP2262 to the latest VIP5662W 4K PVR, he told me that I'll be flabbergasted by the responsiveness and the speed of the new PVR because it have a much bigger CPU and much more RAM memory and of course, I am totally amazed on how fast it is. However the VIP2502 are still pretty much the same architecture as the old VIP2262 PVR, same speed, same responsiveness and overall same experience. It's not due to a network limitation, it's due to a hardware limitation actually. For me moment Bell don't have any new generation for the receivers (non-PVR), the VIP2502 is on the market for like 5 or 6 years...
2019-09-10 09:04 AM
acreguy Good to know, SimmZ. Thanks for the info. I kind of suspected that it was a CPU issue. Bell probably has a ton of leftover CPUs from the 1978 Commodore Pet and sticks them in a modern device !!
2019-09-09 07:53 PM
SimmZ I had several (3x) VIP2502 receiver loaned by Bell (before I returned them because I were sick of paying for that loan) and they are all VERY slow receivers. The lag that you describe in the guide is perfectly normal, on both wired or wireless, all my 3x VIP2502 were EXTREMELY slow when you compare to the 4K PVR which is blazing fast and responsible. But this is how the VIP2502 are designed, they have very small CPU and very small memory, trust me, your are not defective or otherwise I had 3x defectives VIP2502 at home at the same time (impossible as well).
2019-09-09 07:46 PM
acreguy I have the VIP 2502. I've tried using it wired and wirelessly. Either way, there is a severe lag in the TV Guide and PVR access functions. It doesn't remember Netflix options as the PVR does and some of the functions within it don't work as shown.

My friend who is an IT specialist used to work for Bell and has informed me that my receiver is defective. He has seen my entire setup. I'm going to ask Bell to give me a new one.
2019-09-03 02:41 PM
Dr.Dave There is a good discussion of buying used equipment starting here:

The only item you should be looking at is the VIP2502 Wireless receiver - there are problems trying to get wireless and wired STBs working together. Even if you buy the right used receiver, you may have problems getting Bell to activate it as described in the thread.

You could also consider a streaming device that uses the Fibe TV app - Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. You can watch recorded shows and live TV, but you can't pause live TV. You will need unlimited Bell internet to use them. There are a few threads in this section discussing the Fibe TV app.
2019-09-03 08:53 AM
acreguy Any opinions are most welcome. Thanks .
2019-09-02 10:07 PM
Bell VIP1200 vs VIP2202 vs VIP2262 vs VIP2502 vs VIP5562W???

I am looking to purchase a few used receivers for my own Bell Fibe TV account in the classified and I am offered many different models where I don't know which one are compatible with each other... So far, here's what I found online :

VIP1200 : Wired HD receiver (I assume it's like the 1st generation Fibe receiver???)

VIP2202 : No idea what it is... wired? wifi?

VIP2262 : 1080P PVR/base unit (Only one PVR per network allowed, I understand that)

VIP2502 : Wireless HD receiver

VIP5562W : Wireless/Wired 4K PVR/base unit

I currently have the VIP5562W 4K PVR and I have the HomeHub 3000 router and this is pretty much it. I want to add receivers for my bedroom and kids playroom TVs without loaning them to Bell.
2019-09-02 10:18 AM
Arris VIP 2502 questions

Hi everyone, I'm new here. Glad to have found this forum!

System details
  • Hub 3000 modem, Bell Fibe PVR, Arris VIP 2502 remote receiver. My house is a bungalow about 70 feet long. The modem is on the main level, the PVR is in the basement, and the VIP 2502 is on the main level about 50 feet away from the modem. The latter two are separated by two drywalled walls - no ducting or heavy wiring in the way. The PVR in the basement is lightning fast. There is virtually no lag.
  • The VIP 2502 was suffering from severe lag through the WiFi connection, so I abandoned the WiFi connection and used a Cat 6 cable instead - direct to the modem. The Guide and PVR are now displayed much quicker, as are the station changes and selections.
  • My internet speed is measured at a little under 1 GB up and down - do no issues there!

I have Netflix. It works perfectly when viewed from the PVR. The screen refresh is instant - no fuzziness while the show is still loading and the series episodes don't automatically start playing after the last one finished. These are my Netflix preferences. Meanwhile, the VIP 2502 is slow to load, is fuzzy for the first 10 seconds of viewing while the internet feed finishes loading the show, and a new episode starts to play right after a 20-second countdown. In other words, the VIP 2502 doesn't recognize my Netflix preferences.

Is my VIP 2502 defective? Changing from a WiFi to wired connection has made it almost as fast as the PVR but the Netflix issue remains. The reason I think something is wrong is that I had trouble getting the wired connection to work (big surprise - I've read a lot about this nightmare!!). Bell sent a service tech in and we got the wired connection to work and Netlfix behaved as I wanted. The Cat 6 wire was just run through my hallways for that test. After I saw that the connection worked, I ran the cable through my floor trusses. Now, it's not working as expected.

Does anyone have any experience with this remote receiver and Netflix?
Is there a specific way to boot the VIP 2502 so that is works?
Should I just get Bell to replace this? It's a rental.

Many thanks for your help...

- Lee
2019-08-23 02:45 PM
Fibe TV Set-Top Box Discussion

EDIT by Dr.Dave: Please use this thread for all Set-Top Box Discussion and Questions.


Compatible used receiver with new 4K PVR??


Bell will soon upgrade my current old Fibe setup to the latest 4K PVR and the latest HomeHub 3000. The new promotion didn't include extra receivers for my bedroom and kid's room, however the guy at the Bell's boot (in store) told me to find some used receivers on Kijiji and add it for free to my account. As soon as the old receivers as been removed correctly for former account as well. That being said, I found A LOT of different models of Bell Fibe receivers on Kijiji and I don't understand which one is compatible with each other...

For the moment, I found plenty of VIP1200 receiver in classified... are they compatible with the 4K PVR and the HH3000 network? I don't care if they are slower or even 720P, since they are for secondary TV that are used only a few time per month and they are 720P TV anyway... I just want that it work fine.

Thank you :-)

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