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2019-08-24 02:30 AM
mi6_ Thanks for the reply. I found the diagnostics setting and as you said it doesn’t let you adjust anything just shows information. As for #2, I couldn’t find any audio compression settings like some of the past Shaw Motorola boxes had. I can adjust this on my receiver but found it made no noticeable difference.

As for #3 I know how to increase the audio input volume (my Pioneer receiver lets me adjust it +/- 12 dB). The problem is that the Netflix and YouTube apps (run through the Arris Xi6 box) are already much louder than the tv channel volume. So adding volume to the input just makes Netflix/YouTube run even louder.

I guess I’ll just live with it as is and crank it up as needed when watching cable.
2019-08-23 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by mi6_ View Post
1. Does anyone know how to access this installers menu on this new box? I’m hoping there is a hidden volume setting in there.

2. Or have any idea how to increase the volume output of the 4K Wireless Blue Sky box?
1. This is the diagnostics (passive) menu and doesn't have anything that can be changed (like volume).

2. Some boxes have audio settings for Narrow, Normal, Wide. The Narrow setting is usually a bit louder but also decreases the dynamic range.

3. Most AVRs can be balanced for volume via the input on the AVR. If you have a half decent AVR it should be possible to adjust (increase) the volume for the particular problem input. Check the operating manual for your AVR.
2019-08-23 03:17 PM
mi6_ Hello I’m hoping one of you can help me. I just got Shaw BlueSky TV with one of the new 4K wireless boxes (see the link below for model info). The make/model is an Arris Xi6.

Unfortunately the audio output level via HDMI to my receiver is too low for my liking (about 6-10 DB lower than my other inputs: Xbox One, Sony Blu Ray player etc.). When you use Netflix or YouTube apps on the cable box the volume output is consistent with those services on Xbox or my Sony BluRay player for example. There is no setting that allows me to increase the TV audio volume (only options are 2.0 PCM, Auto DD+ or Expert which just outputs DD+). I contacted Shaw who said there was no volume adjustment on these new 4K wireless boxes.

I know from watching the installer that there is a secret setup menu (for example on my old Motorola 3400 I believe you powered it off and hit menu to bring up this secret settings menu). Does anyone know how to access this installers menu on this new box? I’m hoping there is a hidden volume setting in there.

Or have any idea how to increase the volume output of the 4K Wireless Blue Sky box? I know I can artificially do this via my receiver, but then the YouTube and Netflix volumes is way too loud when watching through the apps on this new BlueSky box.
2018-09-29 04:42 PM
Dr.Dave I don't think you will see remote scheduling on BlueSky anytime soon. Shaw is totally dependant on Comcast for BlueSky technology and Comcast lost a patent lawsuit with TiVo regarding remote scheduling. Comcast appealed the U.S. ITC decision in federal appeals court in January, but no court date has been set.

Comcast has won some other patent lawsuits against TiVo, so it's possible that once the remainder of the 45 disputed patents are decided, Comcast may choose to license the valid patents.
2018-09-28 10:58 PM
BGY11 Sadly no. I don't get why they've gone backwards on this one

Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
2018-09-28 08:30 PM
LD500 Does BlueSky allow setting recordings from a mobile phone yet? Keep on waiting for this. Thanks
2018-07-01 07:33 PM
Shaw Champ ^ Yes Comcast started deploying them about a year ago. They are new to Shaw. The box is hybrid.
2018-06-30 04:01 PM
Humbar This is not a new device per say. Comcast has been using them. This is used in non-IPTV systems.
2018-06-30 02:08 PM
Shaw Champ ^ it wouldn't be advisable to open the BlueSky boxes as they are not purchased equipment and the customer would be liable if something went wrong.

Hardware Information - initial update on BlueSky's first 4K box -
2018-05-18 07:19 PM
Serenity Has anyone been brave enough to open up their XG1v3 "RDK" gateway box? Reading through Shaw Champ's post (first post of this thread), the USB, RJ45 and eSATA ports have been disabled at the factory. I'm curious to know if those ports were disabled in the "BIOS" or by some "jumpers" in this device. From what I can tell from past posts here, the ports have power but no data exchange. Why I'm asking is because I thought I could expand the disk storage space in the HDPVR (who here haven't tried? LOL). I have been able to confirm that the activity LED of the external eSATA drive blinked for a second or two, but no joy in the end. The RJ45 port power LED is lit but no activity LED when connected to a stand-alone router with DHCP enabled. I've rebooted both the Gateway and whatever device (router & ext. HDD) I plugged into, but again no joy.

In case if anyone wants to know, I have the Vantec NexStar 6G external enclosure (I believe the CX series is no longer available) and I'm using an old 80G HDD just to test it out (no point in getting the WD NAS HDD if there is no way to enable the eSATA port). I will say it's not a complete waste of money in getting the external HDD because I have other uses for it.
2018-01-25 02:21 PM
twism Rogers made the decision skip qam/iptv hybrid and rollout much later a full iptv version of comcasts x1 system.
It?s all about wireless this quarter for Rogers, but cable still waiting for upgrade | Financial Post
"But he said waiting enables Rogers to launch a full IPTV solution on the X1 platform, whereas Shaw and Cox started with a hybrid system that they will eventually have to migrate to IPTV"
2018-01-22 08:01 PM
ckl Diplexers? Interesting. I'll look into it. Thanks.
2018-01-22 07:56 PM
ExDilbert Happy to see it is working. It's interesting that the band can be changed with Mocha.

I could get moca 2 rated splitters rated at 5-1650Mhz but not sure if it would make much difference.
There could be some excess loss over 1000MHz with cable splitters. Satellite splitters should also work better than cable splitters. They are rated 5-2400MHz and might be a bit easier to find or be cheaper than Mocha splitters. I've seen them for $5-10 on some sites. Another option that should work even better are diplexers. They split the signals above and below 1000MHz into two bands to help prevent interference. They also have lower signal loss than splitters. I've used these to run cable or OTA (5-1000MHz) and satellite (1000-2400MHz) over the same coax.
2018-01-22 06:34 PM
ckl Hi ExDilbert.

Thanks for your reply.

I finally got 3 of the ActionTec ECB6200's which are bonded Moca 2.0 adapters rated at 1Gbps. After a lot of research on the Comcast forums attempting the same thing, I actually got it working in less than 30 minutes. I was able to achieve the maximum 150Mbps speed using speedtest on the furthest adapter from the cable modem (I have 150mbps internet service). Average speed was about 130Mbps which is pretty good considering I had one portal playing a recorded show, another portal playing a netflix movie, and the PVR on channel 104. This is all using the same coax cables that bluesky uses.

Although the actiontec website says that ecb6200's are plug-and-play and there is no configuration available, there is actually a web gui that one can log into and change the parameters of them. This is key to getting it working with Bluesky. If you just plugged it into the same coax as Bluesky with no configuration, they will not work.

Before you hook it up, they need to be configured as follows:
password = 12-17 digits (required) (default none)
privacy = on (required) (default off)
rf frequency = 1550Mhz (default 1150)
rf band = Band D High (default band d Extended)

Bluesky uses Band D Low at 1150Mhz.

According to the Moca 2 spec, setting the password and privacy on will create a separate moca network on the existing coax cable. Then you test the adapters by hooking them up together via a coax cable to ensure they can communicate (coax light comes on).

After verifying the settings and making sure the adapters communicate, you can add it to you existing home coax. For myself, the network looks like this:

wall coax
=> 2 way splitter
===> 1. ECB6200 >-- ethernet out --|
===> 2. Hitron <-----gigabit port ---|

Basically, one split goes directly to the Hitron, the other split goes into the ECB, then the Ethernet out goes to one of the gigabit ports of the hitron.

The other adapters can go into any other room with a wall coax. Like this:
wall caox
=> 2 way splitter
===> 1. PVR
===> 2. ECB6200 ---ethernet cable >--- Access Point or computer

All of the 2 way splitters used were from Shaw (they are the BGI series rated at 5-1000Mhz 3.5db each split). I could get moca 2 rated splitters rated at 5-1650Mhz but not sure if it would make much difference.

The house was built in 2002, so I'm not sure what kind of coax was used in the house (RG59, RG56, or RG6).

I have tried other configurations such as eliminating the splitters and using the TV out of the ECB6200's, like this:
wall coax
=> ECB6200
===> coax out => hitron<--|
----> ethernet out --------|

But I got some inconsistencies in transfer rates. Plus, I realized that if you ever need to take out the ECB6200, you basically take down everything attached to it (ie. the PVR attached to the TV out). Having a splitter before the ECB allows you to move adapters around without disrupting the bluesky network or the Internet if the Hitron was attached.

So, in conclusion, over the same coax, I was able to get both a Moca 1.1 (Bluesky) and a Moca 2 network running separately from each other.

Over the next week, I'll be doing some more tests. One is trying to load both 1.1 and 2.0 networks to see what kind of limitations there are. For example, transfer a large 10GB test file over moca 2 while simultaneously watch 2 netflix shows and watch a recorded show (I have a PVR with 2 portals).
2018-01-18 07:41 PM
BGY11 What equipment are they using? Shaw uses the Arris XG1v3 which is a hybrid IP/QAM DVR, and from what I can tell, the only IP-only box Comcast has is the Xi3 (which might be similar to the "portal" Shaw uses.

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