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2014-11-01 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by North_of_Calgary View Post
...While I do love my three Roku's I think the big disadvantage is that there's no native Canadian rental sources. If I I want to rent a movie I need to switch back to iTunes and my ATV3.
Finally, Google Play Movies & TV comes to the Roku!!! Channel added today in Canada and the US. Using it right now to watch Google Play content. This is a fantastic improvement.

Before we get into a "why not just use the Chromecast" conversation, I do also have a chromecast and I do like it. But there are also some advantages to the Roku. Mainly, I've already got a bunch of them hooked up to TVs where as the Chromecast I have to move around. And another important point is "the remote control". Late at night I can fall asleep with the remote in hand where as my phone I like to have powered down and charging.

It's interesting though that you can't Googlecast to the Roku from the Play Movies app on Android. From Netflix (which also has DRM) on Android I can cast to the Chromecast, Samsung TV, or the Roku. Same with Youtube. But Play Movies only casts to the Chromecast.

Anyway, for now having access to the Google Play library directly from the Roku is a fantastic improvement. I'm lovin it and using it.

P.S. Cineplex Roku app also just added. So that's two ligit Canadian rental options now on the Roku - finally!
2013-09-25 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by North_of_Calgary View Post
All that stuff you did about creating a US Roku account you shouldn't actually need to do.

Unless Roku has changed something recently, the country of your Roku account only impacts which Roku 'channels' are available for you to install.

If you use a Canadian address you won't see Hulu Plus, VUDU, Amazon Prime, etc., but if you just want Netflix, you're fine since it's available in Canada, and it should switch catalogs based on your Unblock-US settings, although you have to restart the Netflix app and maybe even the Roku (to clear cached address lookups) if you switch from one Netflix region to another.
2013-09-24 07:36 PM
North_of_Calgary It sounds like all of the issues are with your Bell Turbo Hub and unblock-us. You should probably work through the problem on the unblock-us support forums.

All that stuff you did about creating a US Roku account you shouldn't actually need to do. You should be able to buy a Canadian Roku, create a Canadian Roku account using a Canadian address, create a Canadian Netflix account, and as long as unblock-us is working properly you'll get the US netflix content.
2013-09-24 12:14 PM
trishcollins The Netgear IS the Bell Turbo Hub. Sorry, I guess I didn't explain. Yes, the Netgear (Bell Turbo Hub) is the default gateway (

I may try taking it to his place.

When I set up my last Roku account with a US address and Canadian credit card (after deleting it for the third or forth time), and set up the account BEFORE I plugged in the Roku (which I had already reset to factory defaults), and THEN linked the device to my already established Roku account, the "welcome" and billing email came back with the Roku US Support number at the bottom -- previous accounts set up had Canadian Support numbers at the bottom. When I opened my Roku account in this manner, I did manage to see Hulu and Amazon (US only) on the website, but as soon as I linked my device and then went into Netflix on the Roku, I was presented with ONLY Canadian content (AGAIN). As an FYI, Hulu and Amazon are both on the Roku.

Also, the minute I try and move around the Roku site on my PC (which by the way has the Unblock US DNS tool running in ADDITION to the Bell Turbo Hub/Netgear set DNS), it keeps going to the Canadian site. The country selector at the bottom won't change, no matter what country I pick. I keeps going back to Canada. Something MUST be stuck in memory somewhere. It sure can't figure out why it's happening. Any hidden files that Chrome or Explorer might store this info. I have tried setting up from both and still don't see US Netflix on the Roku, only on the PC.

The other thing is, I am upgrading and changing to xplornet Line of Site internet next week, so I will try again once that's done. Maybe it's a Bell thing. Don't know for sure. Seems very odd to me.

2013-09-24 09:44 AM
North_of_Calgary So when you go into the Roku Setup->Networking and look at the networking option checked (wireless or ethernet) does it show the Netgear or the Bell Turbo Hub as the default gateway?

Also if you release all clients do you see the Roku re-establish itself in the DHCP table of the Netgear?

What about taking your Roku to your partner's place and trying it there. When you do that do you see the US titles there?
2013-09-23 10:44 PM
trishcollins Yes, I see "Instant Queue" and after adding about 10 items to "My List" on my PC, it's only showing one of the items. I know that item happens to be on both the US and Canadian list. I have also searched for a couple of shows that are available via my PC in the US Netflix and cannot find them in the Roku Netflix content. My partner has the Roku at his place and he hasn't got this issue, although as I recall, it took him a while to get the configuration right. However, he has given me all kinds of suggestions, and none are working. I am using Bell wireless turbo hub (cellular) and he has Roger's cable. Not sure if that really matters. I checked the Unblock US for setting up the Netgear router, and I have it done properly. Not sure what else to do.
2013-09-23 10:22 PM
North_of_Calgary That should work Trish. When you go into Netflix on the Roku do you see your "Instant Queue" at the top? If you do, that confirms you're on Netflix Canada - if you don't are you possibly on Netflix USA? Remember that the suggested titles in each category may or may not be the same as what you see on the website.

You can also try removing the app and re-adding it on the Roku itself but you shouldn't need to.

When you go into the Roku settings -> Network you see the IP of your Netgear router as the default gateway? Just wondering if you're connecting to a telus modem or something upstream of your Netgear.
2013-09-23 09:55 PM
trishcollins Can't get Roku 3 to see US Netflix. I have been at this for two days. I finally reset everything and started again. Still no luck.

I have my Netgear router DNS set to the Unblock US addresses. I have my PC set up with US-Unblock and validated both were set properly. I created a brand new email address on Gmail and put my address as the US. Even though my Netflix account was actually showing US content on my PC (not my Roku), I deleted my Netflix account and recreated it with the new email addy. I then did a factory reset on the Roku and then went to the page and entered the code. When I subsequently set up my Roku account, I entered a US address for my billing address. The only possible thing has to be my credit card is recognized as Canadian. I tried using Paypal instead, but go the same result, so I switched back to the credit card.

This is the third or fourth time I have done this now. At one point (don't remember when) I remember seeing Hulu and Amazon as options (only available on the US Roku) but regardless, Netflix was still reverting to Canadian content only.

I am getting pretty fed up. I thought that's what the Unblock US was for, to ensure that the Roku and Netflix would act as though they were in the US. I wouldn't have bothered otherwise.

Any thoughts?
2013-06-10 09:19 PM
brownstar Yes, if al your other hardware work since you changed your DNS settings then check the Unblock-Us site to see if you have to do anything else with the Roku to make it work as you wish. They have an extensive configuration section that I would start with.
2013-06-10 08:55 PM
Originally Posted by brownstar View Post
Contact Unblock-Us support or check the Support section, they are very quick in responding and the FAQ's are excellent.
brownstar - thanks for responding. Excuse me but I don't see the connection - are you saying that Unblock-Us's DNS is causing this problem? If so then how about if I connect to a different one - such as Google's at
2013-06-10 06:23 PM
brownstar Contact Unblock-Us support or check the Support section, they are very quick in responding and the FAQ's are excellent.
2013-06-10 03:47 PM
Cannot get authorization code from Rokyu

I set up my router with the UNBLOCK-US DNS address and I also created a US identity at I then connected my Rokyu to the TV and followed the instructions, connecting successfully to my home network (wirelessly) and to the Internet (well, a green checkmark said so). When I proceeded to access the Rokyu site to obtain a code number, it hung for a while before telling me there was a problem with my Internet connection. I tried resetting my Rokyu (power connection only, press the reset for 30 seconds, pull the power and keep pressing for 10 more seconds) but the same problem remained. I have verified that my Internet is working fine with the new DNS. What silly mistake am I making please?
2013-05-28 06:39 AM
jcol Uncle Scotty - You are correct. My VPN only changes the IP of my desktop computer that it is running on. If I choose to run Netflix on this computer I would get the US content. I use my VPN connection for other reasons so I'm still happy I have it. In order to get the Roku working you need to change your router settings because you cannot change any network setting on the Roku directly. It simply goes out, finds your network and attaches to it. Unblockus is using the same DNS spoof that I described. The difference is they are charging you for a US DNS IP that they guarantee it will work. I simply did a google search for US DNS and found several"free" DNS IP's. The one I selected was confirmed to work on a PS3 which does allow you to input a DNS IP directly. I'm not suggesting that UnblockUS isn't worth it but the free DNS IP's seem to work just as well. As I mentioned I have been using this IP since before Christmas. I would suggest you just do the search and try it. If it doesn't work go with UnblockUS. Good luck.
2013-05-27 11:23 PM
North_of_Calgary You can verify whether unblock-us is working on a computer by opening up a web browser and going to their page. There's a status indicator along the bottom. You're not going to be able to verify from a device without a browser (such as the Roku) directly. But if you've set it up in your router properly so that the computer can verify it then it's going to work on the Roku as well. (Worst case, reboot the Roku or reset the network settings on it so it gets the new DNS.)

You don't need unblock-us to register the roku (create the roku account). But you do need to if you want US netflix content. I think I tried it just using some public DNS servers (major ones like Google) but it didn't work. Maybe the earlier poster was successful because he was using a smaller more obscure DNS server.
2013-05-27 10:04 PM
Uncle Scotty Hey, rosenqui.......

Thanks for your feedback.

Just how DO you "confirm that Unblock-US is working,"

Also, does it sound to you when you read jcol's message that he didn't even need a VPN in order to get US Netflix on his Roku........or am I reading his msg wrong??

Also, gotta admit I jumped the gun before reading your message and clicked "OK" to connect the Roku to my network. That took me to a screen where it told me to go to a computer and to to: and enter a four digit alpha-numeric code.

Is this, perhaps, the new version of the owner.roku screen you mention?

Anyway, at this point, I'm just curious about whether in fact I even NEED Unblock-US to get the US content and/or to register this thing, based on jcol's comments.

Thoughts? Anyone?
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