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2019-12-31 12:11 AM
Originally Posted by FrankTurbo View Post
tell me how you use it to find am noise I have a friend that could use that. he thinks it's thermos pump and plasma tv doing the noise at his place but I have same setup and no noise.
Frank, These little transistor radios, and nearly all modern AM radios use a ferrite loop antenna, that has a pattern similar to a dipole. Meaning it has nulls at the ends of the loop, and two main lobes broadside to the loop. Since they are portable, just aim the broadside of the loop towards a suspect source of AM interference (IX), and tune thru the range... Say start by aiming one around your modern LCD TV, almost guaranteed you'll find some noise in the area surrounding the Screen, and in the rear of the set. Or some modern LED Bulbs. Once you locate a source, you can play around turning the radio, to get a feel for how the ferrite loop stick is oriented inside. It's normal to find sources where the radio has to be very close to the appliance to pick it up. It's the ones that ya can hear from the other side of the room or the other side of the house that are problematic. Those are the ones ya wanna find and eliminate. The advantage to using a battery operated radio is two fold.
1.) Your not dragging an AC extension cord around the house. 2.) Since your running on Batteries, you can be assured your test radio
isn't picking up anything from "conducted" sources over the same AC Wiring in the house as what you are looking for.
2019-12-30 11:41 PM
Seems to work pretty good for 1961.
Those 1960s 6-transistor radios worked well. Although 6 transistors seems ludicrous in a time when portable devices have chips with millions of transistors, they were analog and only needed a few components.The 6-transistor portable radio was the most popular design at the time and were Sony's flagship mobile product in the 1960s, well before cassette players and their Walkman products. The main weakness with these radios was the audio quality from the low power audio output stage and the low quality speaker. Cheaper transistor radios only had 4 or fewer transistors and didn't work as well. Germanium transistors had a tendency to fail due to heat and were only suitable for low power devices. Silicon transistors became mainstream a few years after 1961.
2019-12-30 10:37 PM
FrankTurbo I can tell you that that type of 9v battery where used in old cameras so maybe a camera shop could help you.
Years ago i had a very very old Polaroid camera that used the same battery.

tell me how you use it to find am noise I have a friend that could use that. he thinks it's thermos pump and plasma tv doing the noise at his place but I have same setup and no noise.

Thanks for updating are old post.
2019-12-30 10:08 PM
majortom My sister found this at a local shop, and thought I might like it. It was made in USA in 1961, has 6 Germanium Transistors, and 1 germanium detector diode.
I had to make a home made 9V battery that would fit in the battery compartment using
6 lithium watch batteries. I removed the 9V battery clip someone had wired in there,
since a modern 9V battery doesn't fit. I was listening to WBZ from Boston and some other station from Kentucky earlier... Seems to work pretty good for 1961.
Gonna keep it around to aid finding man made noise sources around the house.

2018-06-26 12:13 AM
FrankTurbo Well compared the the radios we are posting the thead is not old.

is your radio in working order?

you should post pic's of it's it's always welcome.
2018-05-13 09:18 PM
Originally Posted by mrvanwinkles View Post
... more pictures of my salvaged / found Granada radio ( forum allows 4 pictures max per post )

[ Looking at the schematic sticker on the bottom, looks like it has 8 transistors and 6 diodes. ]

I have carefully steamed and removed the schematic sticker on the bottom, and scanned it best I could,
but that file is pretty large and cannot be posted to the forum - I do not think.

The schematic scan came out not bad at say 600 dpi or 1200 dpi and medium or high sharpness enhanced.
Also ... steaming it sort of diluted / washed away the brown stain and made it all light brown - small sticker, but scan is readable.

I feel like I'm into some sort of "Radio ART / History PRESERVATION" or something.
I see the post is quite old (2013), but I recently got the exact same radio from a garage sell. Same as yours no indication of model number or year of manufacturing. Have you ever got more info about this radio?
2018-04-13 06:11 PM
FrankTurbo I like it,

I have Old Coca Cola radios I will post them this week end, they are cool like yours.
2018-04-13 05:28 PM
Old Radio Pictures

Here are three: A GE tube set from the 1930's, a transistor set from the '70's in the shape of a globe and a transistor set from 1981 (I think) in the shape of a car:

Three Old Radios by Mike Robichaud, on Flickr
2018-04-11 11:51 AM
FrankTurbo I would love a top quality 4 track cassette player something to go in my wall unit, so I understand the good sales.

but this topic is useless without pics
2018-04-11 10:28 AM
Inglewood I'm working on a couple radios myself right now.

Just got a old Holiday 888 Picnic radio working - just need to clean up the wooden case. It sounds great. Amazed with the reception on it.

Lots of good money these days on late 70's through to the early 90's radios, cassette players, and some CD players. I've been doing brisk sales on restored items from those years. The earlier stuff (8-Track, AM only radios) is slowing down somewhat - but still OK if you get cheap stuff to repair.
2018-04-11 02:45 AM
FrankTurbo So lets bring back this old post back to life!

I have since upgraded some of my radio stuff. { some modern some old }

Better laptop and my turntable is now a Technics I finally found one I been looking for one since the 1980's
I installed a SDR and still leaning this, The SDR is a bit complicated for me but I got it to work but I need to install
a exterior antenna, I will converting a old CB antenna for this application.

Yes Yes I will have pics for you soon in a few weeks of months having problems with old sony camera, { can't fine proprietary usb wire to connect it to computer. }
2016-01-25 09:04 PM
stampeder White Heat (US, 1949) has some good sequences regarding an early radio-assisted pursuit through Los Angeles. Back on topic.

2016-01-25 07:50 PM
majortom yeah, one thing ya won't see in old movies is what a mobile rig with a two way radio antenna looked like back then.
2016-01-25 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by majortom
it has a band switch to tune Police Band
Popular back then with the Al Capone types, I'm sure!

2016-01-24 02:04 PM
majortom RCA R-37-P that someone gave to me. From ~ 1933, missing a knob, and the cabinet's in pretty rough shape. Tubes were bought ~ 1936, as there's a sticker on all but one that was missing, with presumably the original owner's name and address on it. Or maybe that's a sign of the last time it was serviced?? The missing one was a 58 tube. IF Frequency is 175 KHz. The 'P' in the model stands for Police, meaning it has
a band switch to tune Police Band, which back then was 1400 - 2800 KHz.
Replaced all of the caps and it fired right up.

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