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2012-11-26 11:05 AM
NineBall Funny, I would say short answer no. With any embedded device, I would only recommend updating the firmware if there is a specific problem in your current version or feature in a newer version that you need. I say this as a software developer at a company that makes embedded devices and as an end-user. Firmware upgrades in the field always carry an element of risk, no matter how careful you are.
2012-11-25 06:01 PM
DLink DIR-655.

Originally Posted by Gino34 View Post
My question now is....should I be upgrading the firmware? I've read lots of cases where people have bricked their hardware.
Are firmware updates REALLY that important? Or should I just leave things be?
In short, yes. Version depends on hardware version - my routers are Revision A (latest F/W 1.35 NA); yours may be Revision B (latest F/W 2.10 NA). Download the latest firmware from DLINK's site and save.

How you do it is important, to avoid any mishaps.
1. Use a wired connection
2. <Tools><System> save your current settings to a "gws" file
3. If you see an option to revert to default settings, take it, in which case the router will likely reboot
4. <Tools><Firmware> Upload the new F/W from where you saved it
5. <Tools><System> Restore your saved settings from Step 2
(Note: If you had changed the default address ( for the router, it may revert to that default, so use the default address for step 5, and after step 3 if used)
6. <Tools><System> Reboot the router to your current settings

By the way, ensure you change the default password for Admin <Tools><Admin> - I recall it's either blank or "admin" - too easy to break in from outside. Perhaps hold off on that until you have checked the router is all AOK.

Good luck
2012-11-25 03:14 PM
Gino34 I really love how the setup disc did everything. On the TP Link model, I had to go in and manual edit everything and it didn't help that I didn't know what to change or add. The only thing I know is how to input my username and password...that's it.

The 655 was so easy to setup.....the router practically configured itself. I didn't even have to into the admin page! It did it all internally.

My question now is....should I be upgrading the firmware? I've read lots of cases where people have bricked their hardware. I'm really scared to try it and I'm a guy who believes in not fixing something if it's not broken. My router and modem are working harmoniously together and I'm worried that if I try to update firmware, it'll screw something up.

Are firmware updates REALLY that important? Or should I just leave things be?
2012-11-24 06:03 PM
ExDilbert Glad to hear you got it working. D-Link equipment doesn't always have the best approval rating but it does work, especially if you stick to their more mature products that have the bugs fixed. Hope it keeps working for you.
2012-11-24 04:54 PM
Gino34's another update:

This was my last attempt to get online at home so I decided to return the TP Link all in one (which didn't work) and picked up a DLink modem (DSL-520) and the DLink DIR-655.

All I can say is.....AMAZING!!!

I managed to set up everything in less than 15 minutes. The new setup wizard practically did it all and was a breeze. I will report back soon with another update and hope that this setup continues to function without drops or resets!

I actually like the cool blue lights on my 655.

I really hope I don't have to return this stuff. I decided to stick with everything DLink this way if I needed to call tech support, it would only be one call and not another to TP Link.
2012-11-23 02:30 PM
Gino34 Yeah....I'm sure it's going to come down to switching to another isp. It's too bad because Velcom is giving me 400gb for only $50 (that's taxes in!). No other isp in my area is offering that much data. Truth is, I only use a max of 70 gigs per month so I'm just thinking of switching back to Bell.


Before I do that, I still wanna try to get this working. I'm not one to give up so easy!

Assuming I have to return the 8961, which router do you think is better from the 2 I mentioned in my last post? The Belkin 750 has tremendous power but according to the smallnet review, it actually didn't score all that great even though it has high throughput:

Then there's the 655 which has much lower numbers (257) but yet seemed to score higher for performance and reliability:

Which, in your opinion would you buy if they were priced the same?
2012-11-23 01:30 PM
ExDilbert It sounds like it could be a line issue. I would be switching ISPs about now. Switching to Bell may help since they will check the line quality as part of the installation. After the introductory offer is up and everything is working, consider the pros and cons of switching to another ISP.

I had a similar issue with a DSL ISP about 10 years ago. I was with Bell and switched to another ISP. It never worked properly. It was either the modem they supplied or something with their server configuration. Gave them 3 months to get it working right and then told them to hit the road. When I switched to another ISP, everything worked well again.
2012-11-23 12:54 PM
Gino34 I'm getting really annoyed with all of this.

I went back to Canada Computers and returned the modem for an all in one device from TP Link...this is the model:

I tried setting it up but unfortunately couldn't get online last night after trying for an hour. This device just has too many options and got really lost in all of it. I ran the setup disc that came with the hardware but still couldn't get it to work. I tried calling tech support and got someone over the phone with a really heavy Oriental accent and made it difficult to communicate with her. She told me that it must be my ISP because I wasn't getting any dsl light coming on.

I called my isp and they told me that my connection is up and running. They were actually nice enough to try and help me (my isp didn't have's not their modem/router) but after 40 minutes we still couldn't get this thing working.

I'm going to try calling TP Link back today after work and if by tonight it's not up and running, I'll be returning the item tomorrow. I'll be giving it one more chance by buying either a DLink 655 or a Belkin N750. Both items are on sale this week (Black Friday) and are going for around $70 bucks. I see on that router chart that the 750 has very powerful throughput of almost 800! Maybe this will solve my problems?

But It means I'll have to re-buy my modem back and give it a shot. If at that point it doesn't work again, I'll be switching back to Bell.

So....can someone here help me set up the TP Link 8961? I went into the interface and found stuff that said PCV0 all thru 7. I called my isp and they gave some numbers to input there (I think they were called VCI and VPI). I'm so lost. Here I thought going for modem/router combo would make it easier yet this one is the toughest yet to set up.

Geesh. Can anyone help me out? I don't know what to do next.
2012-11-22 04:25 PM
ExDilbert You won't go too far wrong with the TP Link WR1043. However, I don't think it's especially good value for the price, especially this close to Black Friday. It's lacking a few key features as well. Review here.

There is no right value for throughput. Just keep in mind that a router with higher performance numbers and more recent design will last a little longer before new demands and technologies make it obsolete. I would be checking Black Friday sales to find bargains that compare favourably to the WR1043. Check reviews (Smallnetbuilder) and user opinions (Amazon, Newegg) to find one that is good. Finally, price check on to make sure it's a good deal.
2012-11-22 03:04 PM
Originally Posted by ExDilbert View Post
I am talking about WAN to LAN throughput and total throughput, not wireless speed. The DIR-615 is one of the slowest routers available and could easily choke under moderate use. While I agree that it should be adequate, a decent upgrade couldn't hurt. I don't recommend spending over $100 on a router but it's worth spending $100 for something that will work for any foreseeable use, rather than spend $50 on something that likely will not.

The first clue that the DIR-615 is underpowered are the 10/100Mbps ports. The second can be found on the router chart here.

Sorry....this stuff is all new to me and don't understand it. I seriously feel like I need to take a networking 101 course + some others!

I browsed through the chart you linked and wanted to know what an "acceptable" number should be throughput. Remember, my 360 and pc are wired connections. Only the Wii and my Android phone are using the wifi aspects.

I was considering the TP Link WR1043 (which has a throughput of 122.7 according to the charts). Is that good enough or not? I don't know how to measure it....and should I be going after something that hits over 200 just to be safe?

I stream alot of netflix wired from my 360 and do general web surfing on my pc with the odd youtube streaming here and there. I never had more than 2 things at once using bandwidth.

What's a good number on the throughput charts that won't break the bank?? I definitely need to stay under $100 bucks.
2012-11-21 11:53 PM
ExDilbert I am talking about WAN to LAN throughput and total throughput, not wireless speed. The DIR-615 is one of the slowest routers available and could easily choke under moderate use. While I agree that it should be adequate, a decent upgrade couldn't hurt. I don't recommend spending over $100 on a router but it's worth spending $100 for something that will work for any foreseeable use, rather than spend $50 on something that likely will not.

The first clue that the DIR-615 is underpowered are the 10/100Mbps ports. The second can be found on the router chart here.
2012-11-21 02:55 PM
Gino34 I forgot to mention that my video streaming is done with a wired connection so I don't really need lots of throughput as I'm just doing basic surfing at home. The most intensive thing I do at home is probably watch youtube videos. I don't need to purchase a router with horsepower because I'm only using a 6mb dsl connection and both my pc and Xbox 360 (netflix) are wired connections. I only use the wifi capabilities for my Wii and android phone.

So as you can see, I don't really need to spend $100+ bucks on a router. The 615 is more than capable...I just think it's a faulty device or has bugs in it. It shouldn't be dropping connections.

The biggest thing on my list is stability. I want hardware that won't keep dropping connections or needs constant reboots. That's what I'm currently going through and if things don't change, I'll be heading back to Bell on their Fibe network.

I'm eyeing the TP Link WR740N (150 Mbps) or the TP Link WR841N (300 Mbps). Again...I'm not worried about speed....that has never been an issue but reliability has. What good is hardware if it's not going to work? I don't care how powerful it is...I'm looking for stability and reliability. That's what tops my list. If it means I have to go out and spend a bit more to get it, so be it.
2012-11-21 12:40 PM
ExDilbert The ISP should be able to walk you through troubleshooting the modem connection. As far as modems are concerned, I find it's often better to use the make and model recommended by the ISP. Purchasing or renting from the ISP can provide extra support.

Assuming this is a PPPoE configuration with the modem in bridged mode, the router should be connected with a valid IP address, DNS server address and DHCP lease. If not, there is an issue between the router and ISP or the router configuration is incorrect. Since the connection was working, the PPPoE info should be OK.

I would look at replacing the DIR-615. Don't know if it's the problem but it's a little underpowered for high speed connections and D-Link products can be buggy. Get something that's capable of more throughput and has a good reputation. Something like the Asus RT-N56U will cost a little more but will handle anything that will be demanded of it, for a few years at least.
2012-11-21 11:20 AM
Gino34 I'm really going to lose it!

This makes absolutely no sense. Here is my story:

I ended up buying a brand new TP Link 8616 modem last week and hooked it up to my DLink 615 router. In about 10 minutes everything was connected and I was problem.

Last night, my wife came home from work and decided to turn the pc on and go online to do some X-Mas shopping. After she is done she closes the browser and says "dear, you can have the computer" (as I was waiting for her to finish because I needed to look something up).

Out of nowhere....the internet isn't working. This was literally minutes after she just got offline. I tried everything from resetting modem and router to power cycling them. I even started fresh and re-entered my username and password in the router...but couldn't get online. First thing I did was contact my ISP to make sure we were still connected.

CSR told me that everything was fine on their end and that my connection was still good with no interruptions in service. I spent nearly 1 hour and still couldn't get online. Am I honestly ready to call Bell and get back with them. All I know is that ever since I decided to cut my phone line and go the dry loop route, I have had nothing but problems.

How do I find out who the culprit is? Is it my modem? My router? My ISP? Bad lines? Maybe it's Windows 7?

I seriously need to take a networking 101 course because this is all Greek to me. I always thought that resetting hardware would fix things but it hasn't worked for me. I even went from my pc to my modem directly and still couldn't get online after resetting modem. I am so lost and frustrated right now.

The only way I got access to online content last night was through my phone's data. I turned wifi off and used Bell's network to access what I needed to look up last night.

I've hear lots of bad things about the 615 you think it's dropping connections? It can't be my's brand new and was able to connect when I got it. Maybe I should just go out and pick up a TP Link router and see if that helps.

Can someone help me to pin point where the problem lies??? I noticed that even after power cycling my router, that it still had passwords saved in memory. WTF?? PLEASE HELP!!!!

All I know is that when I had Bell's 2wire all in one everything was fine. Now that I've gone dry loop and decide to purchase my equipment, it has done nothing but fail me constantly.

What's my next step?
2012-11-20 03:23 PM
Gino34 Thanks again guys for all your help!

I've had the modem now for 4 days and so far so good! Everytime I fire up my Xbox 360 I'm automatically signed problems!

I won't go messing around with my modem's settings as long as everything works. I've learned a long time ago not to touch something if it's not broken. Knowing my luck, I'd screw something up so I'd best leave it be.

You guys are awesome.
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