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2011-10-14 11:08 PM
Wayne It turns out that I wasn't using up all of my space. When I go into Mange Storage I see that my wife's iPhone is using 3.6GB and my iPad is using 603MB for a total of 4.2GB.

It must just be a coincidence that it worked to backup after I bought space.

But here is the other weird thing - last night I upgraded my wife's iPhone. I might have tried to turn on iCloud Backup but I definitely turned it off later on. Tonight I was playing with the phone and I turned on iCloud backup. It has been backing up for over an hour and it still says 9 hours to go. Using my full upload bandwidth it should only take about 4 hours to upload 3.6GB as my upload speed is 2MB/s.

But how did it get the original 3.6GB to the iCloud in the first place? Would it have uploaded the backup from my PC?

And is every iCloud backup a full backup? Doesn't it do incremental backups?
2011-10-14 05:53 PM
faston You can go into your settings on either your iPhone or iPad and there is now an item called 'iCloud'. Near the bottom of that is an item named 'storage and backup'. Within that there is info on how you are using your storage space. For mine it says 704mb for my iPad 2 and 348 for my iPhone (and 25mb for Pages). Did you really use up all 5GB? Did you check that before buying more storage space?
2011-10-14 04:50 PM
iCloud certificate failure on iPad

Last night I was able to get iCloud Backup working on my iPad. At first it was failing but I bought more space from Apple and that allowed it to work - but it wasn't very clear that a lack of iCloud space was the problem.

Today I just got the following error message:

Verification Failed
The certifcate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be "" which could put your confidential information at risk.
Googling this error doesn't bring up anything relevant. Has anyone seen this before? Am I correct to assume that this is likely a temporary error?
2011-10-14 04:33 PM
Wayne It looks like iMessage has a variety of ways of identifying the party that you are sending a message to and that you don't really have to use an Apple ID. For example you can enter the name of the person with an iPhone and iMessage is smart enough to know who to send the message to, assuming that you have their iPhone num in the Contacts DB. Therefore you don't really need a Apple ID for iMessage purposes on an iPhone and I am presuming that Factetalk works the same way. I have now upgraded my iPad and my wife's iPhone and we are both using the same Apple ID for pretty much everything right now.
2011-10-14 01:01 AM
Gino Cerullo For those of you who are not aware, Apple has a web site for creating and managing Apple IDs.

The Apple IDs you create there are the ones that are not automatically created when you create an iCloud account. For example if you have another email address from say Hotmail, Gmail or your ISP and you want to use that as your Apple ID you can use that email address to create and Apple ID from the web site I've link to above.

Do not use that interface to create an Apple ID that uses your iCloud account email address as the account ID. If you are using your iCloud account as your Apple ID you can however use those credentials to log in and manage your Apple ID.

Remember the email address you use to create the Apple ID is merely the account ID used to log in to the various services that require an Apple ID. It is in no way associated with the email address itself in any other way. For example, you won't somehow be able to use that email address to access your email while logged in to Apple services like iCloud.

I hope I'm not confusing people any more by showing you this.
2011-10-13 09:49 PM
Wayne There are still a few hundred million of us ;-)
2011-10-13 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
Or for the uncool majority you need Vista SP2 or Windows 7.
Sorry I didn't include that. I forgot there are still people using that.
2011-10-13 05:36 PM
Gino Cerullo Apple has posted a Knowledgebase Article that hopefully addresses many of these questions.

Apple IDs and iCloud
2011-10-13 04:40 PM
Can you have both a family calendar and individual calendars? That would be very useful from my perspective.

So it looks like the way to go is to have one iCloud account per device but to use one unified ID Apple ID to buy stuff on iTunes.
Yes, and yes. I have several calendars, including an office exchange calendar, my individual personal calendar, calendars I subscribe to (pro sports teams) and a family calendar which you can share with others by sending them an invite. Everybody can edit the family calendar ( if you wish to let them do so). The minute one person edits the calendar,changes are pushed to all devices. You have no idea how liberating this is.

Agree on the iCloud / iTunes thing. Although you raise a great point with PhotoStream. Keeping all our family photos in one central location in our house is next to an impossible challenge when considering that pictures are taken from different iPhones and digital cameras and they are sort of all over the place. The flip side of the coin is that I don't know if I want my daughter's 300 pics of the family cat to bump some of the last 1000 pics in my photo stream if we end up sharing it. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I want all those photos in my main, official iPhoto gallery. Not sure there will ever be a way to make this work for everyone as everybody's situation is a little unique.
2011-10-13 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by PokerChip View Post
The nice thing about it is that we have been sharing a family calendar and an address book in our house for at least 2 years.
Can you have both a family calendar and individual calendars? That would be very useful from my perspective.

So it looks like the way to go is to have one iCloud account per device but to use one unified ID Apple ID to buy stuff on iTunes.

Now what about Photo Stream? On my iPad it says
Photo Stream automatically uploads new photos to iCloud and downlads them to all of your devices when connected to Wi-Fi.
I assume it will do this based on the iCloud account. Is there any way to merge a family's Photo Streams so that you would get this syncing for photos for all devices in your family? This was one of the other reasons that I thought it might make sense to use one iCloud account for all devices in my family, even if I have to pay $20/yr for more storage.
2011-10-13 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by CanuckBlue View Post
To activate iCloud on your computer, you need to be running OS X 10.7.2.
Or for the uncool majority you need Vista SP2 or Windows 7.
2011-10-13 04:23 PM
PokerChip I agree that being able to set up more than one user on iOS devices would be a great thing. I also think it's only a matter of time before this happens.

My household has 4 MacBooks, 1 Mac Mini, 4 iPads and 4 iPhones. Essentially, my wife, my 12 yr old, my 10 yr old and myself each have those devices and the Mac Mini acts as a media server of sorts in our house (the 2 Apple TV boxes stream music, pictures and movies from it). I will have to rethink this part of the setup with iCloud but haven't gotten that far yet.

I have been subscribing to Mobile Me since day 1 (about 8-9 years ago I guess) so each family member already has email address which also acts as an Apple ID. Until now, this has been used to allow each family member to sync their contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, etc. across their own devices. This part of the service shouldn't be drastically different under iCloud, except it is now free (good news since I was paying for this). The nice thing about it is that we have been sharing a family calendar and an address book in our house for at least 2 years.

We are, however, using ONE Apple ID to log into the iTunes store since it is linked to one credit card and allows apps and music to be downloaded to all our devices without having to pay again.

I don't imagine things will change all that much for us once I migrate our MobileMe service to iCloud. The main difference is that the media on our devices will now sync automatically, in addition to the mail, calendars, contacts and notes.

So I intend to set up each of my family members iCloud accounts individually, using our existing addresses. But I will ensure that the iTunes store login info is set to my AppleID an ALL devices. I'm pretty sure this is what Gino Cerullo is saying.
2011-10-13 04:17 PM
CanuckBlue Set up iCloud
If you don’t have an iCloud account, it’s easy to sign up for one, either on your device, when updating to iOS 5 or through the Settings app, or on your computer if you’re running OS X 10.7.2. If you’re switching from MobileMe, you have to move and merge your account through the iCloud website before you can take advantage the service.

Do you have an Apple ID? If you’ve ever purchased something from the iTunes Store, you’ll have signed up for an Apple ID (which is usually your primary email address). Even if you never used this account to sign up for MobileMe, you can convert it into an iCloud account.

If you’ve converted your old Apple ID, you need to toggle the Mail switch to On in the iCloud pane to get an email address for your account.
To do so from an iOS device, go to the Settings app and tap the iCloud menu. At the top of the screen, enter your Apple ID and password. After a moment of setup time, iCloud will prompt you to merge anything on your device with this newly created account; tap Merge to do so, or Don’t Merge if you don’t want to copy the information currently on your device. From there, just tap the toggles to customize your iCloud account the way you prefer. Note that if you convert an Apple ID into an iCloud account, you won’t have access to iCloud email by default—you’ll have to create a [email protected] address first. To do so, toggle the Mail slider in the iCloud settings pane to On; a pop-up dialog box from the bottom of the screen will prompt you to create a username.

To activate iCloud on your computer, you need to be running OS X 10.7.2. (You can download it from Apple’s website or from Software Update on your computer.) You can set up iCloud online at by simply logging in with your Apple ID; you can also set it up from your computer’s System Preferences application by clicking on the iCloud preference pane.

But what if I share my Apple ID? If multiple people use your Apple ID (say, if you have one central account for your, your spouse’s, and your children’s purchases), you can still use this ID among you for purchases, but each person will have to create a separate iCloud account for syncing and backup.

For example, if you have an Apple ID (or MobileMe account) you use between you, your significant other, and your daughter for purchases, but they'd like to take advantage of iCloud's sync and storage features, you'll want to do the following: Have each family member sign up for an iCloud account for their backups, mail, etc; then, after setting up iCloud on their iOS devices, go to the Store preference pane within the Settings app, sign out of the iCloud account (which will populate there automatically after you sign up), then sign into the original Apple ID you use for purchases.

If the Apple ID your family uses for purchases is also your primary account for syncing (if it's a MobileMe account, for example), you personally can use it for iCloud; but your family members will need to create separate iCloud accounts so that they don't accidentally end up syncing with your information.

Using the same Apple ID for Store purchases and iCloud (recommended)
Using the same Apple ID for store purchases and iCloud is recommended for most users. To use the same ID, follow these steps:

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

When you first set up your iOS 5 device, enter the Apple ID you use for iTunes in the setup screens. It will be used for store purchases and iCloud.
If you skipped the setup process, enter your Apple ID in Settings > iCloud and Settings > Store.

Mac: Enter the same Apple ID in Apple () menu > System Preferences > iCloud and in 
iTunes > iTunes Store.

PC: Enter the same Apple ID in Control Panel > Network and Internet > iCloud and in iTunes > iTunes Store.

Using one Apple ID for iCloud and a different Apple ID for Store Purchases
You can use different Apple IDs for iCloud and store purchases and still get all of the benefits of iCloud. Just follow these steps:

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

When you first set up your iOS 5 device, enter the Apple ID you want to use with iCloud. If you skipped the setup assistant, sign in to Settings > iCloud and enter the Apple ID you’d like to use with iCloud.
In Settings > Store, sign in with the Apple ID you want to use for store purchases (including iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match). You may need to sign out first to change the Apple ID.

Enter the Apple ID you want to use for iCloud in Apple () menu > System Preferences > iCloud.
Enter the Apple ID you want to use for store purchases (including iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match) in iTunes > iTunes Store
2011-10-13 04:03 PM
Gino Cerullo It's funny you should say that. Although I think of the iPhone as a very personal device I think of iPads as more of a multi-user device, like a desktop/laptop PC/Mac. As such I always thought that Apple should support the ability to have multi-user accounts on them like there is for desktops/laptops. Let's hope that support shows up in some future update.
2011-10-13 03:50 PM
hugh Gino, I don't think you need to have to explain but thanks for trying!

I assume I will figure it out eventually but I think we can all agree that Apple has botched the implementation of this one for iPads with multiple-users.

By botch, I don't mean it doesn't work but the user interface / simplicity / implementation aspect of it all.

Personally, I really want to see a multi-user iPad or iPod touch.

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