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2011-07-11 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by Michael DeAbreu View Post

I think MC Guide Tool ( will allow you to add the Roger guide data to the U.S setup you have.

Setting up an IR-blaster to let 7MC control the Rogers STB is beyond me.
I finally got around to installing Guide tool but I don't know where you can specify a different guide lineup. In Pnear's document he says that MS will not allow you to download guide data from a country different than what MC is showing.

Right now in my system I have set it up as a US system and I used the Lewiston, NY zip code. MS found my two tuners - one tuner with a digital cable STB and an ATSC card. The ATSC lineup has downloaded fine, including all of the Canadian channels. However for cable MC thinks that I have Time Warner cable - the upside is that it controls my STB fine with the IR blaster but the channel mapping is all wrong. If I want I could remap the channels in the Time Warner lineup that exist in both Canada and the US but I would be missing uniquely Canadian cable channels like Treehouse, TSN, RSN, etc.

Anyone have ideas on how to add a new/different lineup using Guide Tool or other means? There doesn't seem to be much documentation or support for guide Tool and the "new" Green Button (aka MS Expert Community) kinda sucks.
2011-06-16 02:22 PM
Wayne Thanks Pete
2011-06-16 02:10 PM
pnear Scripts are in the zip file that is linked from the wiki article above.

Media Center will error out if it tries to download a guide ID that is from a different region than the registry is set to. The script sets the registry to US, downloads the US guide ID, then sets the registry back to Canada.

You can basically reverse that process, it's not too complicated. I just insert some command line tasks into the task scheduler. You can simply set up your machine to be primarily in the US, modify the script to switch to Canada and download the Canadian guide, and then manually reassign the guide listings in the media center UI to match your cable provider.

2011-06-13 05:31 PM
Michael DeAbreu Peter Near's original hack used a script and a scheduled task to swith back and forth between Canada and U.S. regions to download the appropriate guide data. I can't find it any more, since he moved from the GreenButton to the Microsoft Experts Community. It may still be in the download.

This hack for Internet TV uses a similar trick. I doubt it works though.
2011-06-13 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by Michael DeAbreu View Post
Setting up an IR-blaster to let 7MC control the Rogers STB is beyond me. Some Hauppauge MCE kits come with an IR blaster which I assume is to control an STB. They might have some tutorials or guides. I can only assume that the correct IR codes for the STB are found when you run the 7MC TV setup for Rogers digital.
I hope that shouldn't be a problem as I have done this several times in the past but always with a "Canadian" setup. I have an older MCE IR/remote kit that includes an IR receiver and blaster. I did have this system setup using Rogers for 3-4 years (under first XP MCE and then Win7) but I decided that I would rather use it for online content which is why I switched the country.

I don't know how this MC guide tool works, I might have to fool it into thinking that I have a US cable provider that uses the SA boxes to setup the IR blaster and then just customize the guide data to map Rogers channels in the correct channel numbers.

This isn't mission-critical - it is just a backup for my main SageTV system. But it is always good to have a backup, especially when I am out of town and the wife is having trouble with the Sage system as the kids are crying for their shows!

edit- By the way, thanks for the help Michael - are there any support forums for Guide Tool?
2011-06-13 04:18 PM
Michael DeAbreu Wayne,

I think MC Guide Tool ( will allow you to add the Roger guide data to the U.S setup you have.

Setting up an IR-blaster to let 7MC control the Rogers STB is beyond me. Some Hauppauge MCE kits come with an IR blaster which I assume is to control an STB. They might have some tutorials or guides. I can only assume that the correct IR codes for the STB are found when you run the 7MC TV setup for Rogers digital.
2011-06-13 03:34 PM
Michael DeAbreu gluglug,

If you are writing code against the API you really don't need my help!

1) I recall that loadMXF overwrote everything. I think I tried but couldn't use it to insert XML elements or subtrees. It might be able to, but I never discovered the command line switches or XML code needed to make it work.

2)Minimum entries. My hack relied on minimal changes to a fully functional XML import. When I tried trimming it down, it usually crashed.

3) I had a strong feeling that there was some code behind the import that linked tables and data in the EPG database that could not be controlled in the XML and loadMXF.

Final note, when troubleshooting other people's XML files, some of them were very different from mine. Whole sub-trees were in completely different places.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.
2011-06-13 02:27 PM
Wayne Please let me know if this should go in a different thread-

On a related note I want to enable Canadian guide data (Rogers Digital - Scarborough) in a Win7MC system that is set up to be a US based system. I told MC that I am in the US and I am using unblock-us[dot]org to spoof a US IP to access stuff like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Note that the Online services part of MC is quite good and I don't want to lose this functionality.

But I would also like to be able to use the system to PVR Canadian cable shows via a rogers SD digital box - this would just be a backup to my more sophisticated SageTV system. I would also like to add an OTA tuner but that should be easier to do as I am assuming that I could use a US Zip Code that is close to the Niagara area - like Lewiston, NY.

Any advice on how to "hack" my Win7 MC to be able to setup Rogers Digital and Canadian cable channels as a TV source?
2011-06-13 02:14 PM
Can loadXML be used for adding a single channel?

I am working on an app to manage user-added channels better than the MCE UI, but am getting errors most of the time when I try to add a MergedChannel to the MergedLineup using methods exposed by these classes in mcepg.dll directly. (not totally consistent, I think looking at things in the debugger could be occasionally making it work?!)

I'm wondering if using loadXML (or the related APIs in mcstore.dll) could be a better way, but if so, I have a few questions:

1. Can a single channel to add to the lineup be specified in the XML, or will specifying only the 1 channel remove all the others?
2. What are the minimal entities I need to specify?
3. If I can already add the channel and ChannelTuningInfos (but not the MergedChannel) through other means, is there an easy way to tell it the MergedChannel should use the Channel that is already in the DB, specifying it by GUID rather than an id local to the XML file maybe?
2011-03-30 06:29 PM
gggirlgeek Mr. DeAbreu: Just wanted to sign up to say Wow! This thread is a perfectionist's dream. I love databases. What excellent work you've done here, and how kind of you to take the trouble to write out clear and detailed instructions for everyone.

I am in the US but have as much trouble with Media Center as anyone else, especially using OTA channels, or clear QAM. I play around with my computer a lot and thus, I reinstall Windows a lot. So I often need to reload my 100+ scheduled shows into Media Center again. I have been using loadmxf.exe for a while but had no idea it had so much flexibility, or that the database tables could be edited until reading this thread. How many times have I wanted to get inside and tweak my schedule? I'm in heaven!

Also, thanks for the recommendation to Peter's XML editor. I have been looking for something like that for a long time as well, but my searches produced nothing. So far I've been using fancy notepad's like Crimson and Notepad++ that simply color and collapse the xml lines: Helpful but still not easy.

Thanks so much! I'm sure I'll be around asking questions in the future.

Best regards.
2010-02-28 11:50 AM
audit13 I did exactly the same thing in WinXP MCE and Win7 MC as BadLag. No problems at all after eliminating all of the channels I didn't want or couldn't receive.
2010-01-30 06:25 PM
pnear It should be grabbing 14 days of metadata, just like the normal media center guide. I wonder if maybe the scheduled tasks aren't set up properly? The initial batch file should install a scheduled task into Windows 7's task scheduler. That task sets your region to US, then downloads the guide, then sets it back to Canada. Should do this once per night.

Check the task scheduler to see if it's in there are running properly.
2010-01-30 12:00 AM
markf Thanks, I'll try that.

Do you run it as a batch or yours just works automatically?
2010-01-29 06:52 PM
bdoyledimou The Peter Near batch file can be setup to run automatically using Windows scheduler service.

I haven't had to update in the 6 weeks i have been using it.
2010-01-29 01:19 AM
markf +1 for the Peter Near batch files

Read the instructions carefully and they work like a charm.

A problem I've had, and maybe this is just a necessary evil because of the way Media Center is set up, is that I have to run the guide batch file everytime I need to update the guide, otherwise it doesn't do it for me.

Another problem is that it seems to only update a week to 10 days into the this normal?
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