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  Topic Review (Newest First)
2011-07-22 01:04 PM
lawman Not really. Fring application works if you're on wifi but not on the Speakout 3G UMB plan.
2011-07-21 02:12 PM
Speakout mobile browser

any body user Speakout mobile browser with fring application.
because fring can allow to call in canada just .5 cents. so please let me know fring work in speakout phone.
2011-07-12 01:39 AM
gzink I use T-Mobile occasionally in the USA so I purchased a Nokia Nuron 5230 prepaid ($119) and they were happy to unlock it for such a valuable customer($20 year maybe). Anyway it works vey well with Speakout Canada and the unlimited browsing. Tests out at 3G with this phone.
On top of that I have a GPS using satellite with this phone. I will never be lost again!
Browsing only. Only a few apps work with SO and this phone.
2011-07-11 02:46 PM
magnet I slapped my 7-11 SIM card into a used Rogers iPhone 3GS last week and signed up for $10 unlimited browsing.

After following some directions found through Google - it was up and running.

I have been very happy with the 3G signal (on port 80 only) and being able to listen to web streaming radio (like both CFL games on Saturday) while driving back from Lake Louise to Calgary.
2011-01-11 11:00 AM
Speakout Wireless

I have been with Speakout for about 8 months. I love the service and the price. But being honest I don't use a cell phone a lot. 1-2 calls a day and a few text messages a day. I average $10-15 a month at most in usage. So this opition is better than signing a contract or going monthly service.

The best thing I find is the 365 day phone cards apposed to 30 or 60 day with most other companies.

I did notice that Speakout reduced the amout of phones they offer which sucks. But You can get a Rogers phone and put in a speakout sim card.
So there is hope for a Iphone.
2010-06-21 08:29 PM
lawman Accessing gmail and yahoo email is fine, but a bit awkward. I find it simpler for gmail then for yahoo. But it works via the mobile browser.

Since its unlimited browsing, its great to not worry about how much you browse. However, people complain that its slow because its not 3G. But I found it perfectly fine for my use on 2G or EDGE for reading all my websites.

When reading websites with lots of text and I require speed and less graphics, I often use special mobile transcoders to display it e.g. Skweezer. I've used Skweezer for awhile (allows you to customize your menu on the browser for your quick links) and I like it for stripping out graphics stuff I don't need and just give me the data quickly. It doesn't work for some webpages, and for those instances where it does not work, I go to Opera Mini. I was not able to use Skyfire browser via 2G or EDGE.

Some areas, the browsing speed is much quicker if your strength of the signal (2G or EDGE) is stronger. That goes without saying. So, wherever you have a strong 3G signal, you should also have a strong 2G or EDGE signal.

Overall, I have no qualms about using the "slow" speeds when compared to 3G. But I'm also paying much less than others. Seriously, I use my ULB for mostly checking movie times, googling info, reading some news websites and checking email etc. I don't use it for much else so its a waste to pay crazy data charges when I have high-speed at home, and wifi access to check if required on the road via Rogers free 1-hr each day at Rogers hotspots.
2010-06-21 12:20 AM
cfraser I am not even qualified enough to answer your main question, let alone suggest reasons or a possible solution. It just happens to be one of the very few things I wanted to be able to do, so I asked about it. It is very possible you could get your "regular" email account forwarded to some site where you could access it, but then can you easily respond etc.? I didn't get into the details, sorry.
2010-06-20 11:31 PM
Bobafart why can you not check email? do they block it? even web based email? is it really slow?
2010-06-20 06:56 PM
cfraser Can't help, but you can pretty much forget about accessing regular email via SO, if you had that in mind as an important app...maybe you can figure out some work-around, but it would be over my head. From SO CS...but you should check for yourself, they seem quite knowledgable.
2010-06-20 04:57 PM
What is your take on Speakout 7-11 unlimited web browsing?

I am going Pay as you Go and I am looking for a decent rate, mainly for web browsing rather than voice.

What is your take on Speakout 7-11 unlimited web browsing?

Looking for people who use it and looking for your reviews on the service. Does it include unlimited website viewing like and google news and ESPN? Does it also include unlimited app usage that connect to the internet?
2010-06-18 02:19 PM
cfraser I get the impression that VERY few SO people use the SO phones (i.e. what 7-11 sells). Well, at least the ones who comment on the service online. Very little knowledge-base, virtually none really; relevant because the phones come pre-configured and it *may* affect your intended use if you're going on the basis the phone is "raw" and "standard". Not a problem for the originally-intended userbase I'd say, basic phone use is simple. Now, if you want info on iPhones or even other smartphones with SO, that's another story: plenty.

I guess $10/month for data is pretty good. If you were using data with a 7-11 phone, $10 worth would be about all you could tolerate LOL. Personally, I wish they allowed extremely limited (by your wallet!) data access at their regular per-minute rate, for "emergency" use. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it seems to me they *don't* allow it, if they could limit it to just their own "data-crippled" phones. True PAYG for data too.
2010-06-17 09:31 PM
lawman Yes, this is what I did. Works well. I got a SO phone just for the SIM awhile back. I used the SIM in my unlocked HTC phone. Then SO came out with UL browsing for $/month.

So, I called SO to enable the data plan, and I indicated if it did not work, I would call them back to disable it. Right now I get UL browsing for $10/month. Not great but I'm not tied to Rogers either and its fast enough for what I use. I like SO for many reasons except that now 7-11 is not in Ottawa anymore. To work around this, I ask my cousin to pick up my top-ups in Toronto and email me the number.

So, until something comes along with a really compelling reason to require me to pay $50-60/month for a contract plan on a smartphone, I'm keeping to my cheap setup.
2010-06-13 02:47 PM
cfraser OK, I made a decision, went with the Nokia 5130 available at 7-11. As somebody said way back, it's not too bad at all, seems fairly decent actually and I'm not the tiniest bit disappointed...I'm surprised LOL. The problem I had with the KB in the stores is not at all apparent, I can only asume those ones were really gummed up from snack-hands... I made it more complicated for myself by insisting on a blue 5130 (like Rogers sells), and I got the only one I could find by calling 7-11s within a ~45 minute driving radius (all the rest were red). Instruction manual is incredibly awful-looking and incomplete, there is allegedly more online but I haven't checked yet. Setting up the service is painless.

Covers for the USB and microSD are pretty fiddly. My 4GB microSDHC works, and I got a medium-speed 8GB (the 4GB is class 2 only) which I'll open up and try *if* I think the MP3 player is worth it, otherwise 4GB or even the stock 1GB would be more than adequate for me. I was told if you go over 4GB you better use a class 4 or better microSDHC in a phone like this; not exactly sure why, but I'm guessing the larger class 2 SDHCs are a little slower to access than regular SD, so since the phone is expecting SD you need to get a faster version of SDHC to make it reliable.

One store had an older display "cheapest" model, and it seemed miles ahead in ergonomics compared to the cheapest one now (Nokia 1661), though probably not in features. The 1661 feels lousy to me, and bear in mind it sells for only ~$15 in the UK with PAYG compared to $40-60 here, so that's what you're really getting (BTW they are not user-unlockable, so don't buy one from UK).
2010-06-11 04:02 PM
cfraser Thanks. So when people say a 4GB microSD card will work, they are by default actually referring to microSDHC...that's the part I wasn't sure of but now I know.

The difference is, if you buy the cheapest (non-data) SO phone, you have to call SO CS and tell them some story to get data using that SIM; the others get data capability automatically without human intervention when you register them. That's my interpretation of what I read on the SO forum, but of course I don't know yet. Also from what I read, it's almost like CS assumes you got the cheapest phone just to get the SIM for use in another data-capable phone...

After thinking about it, those surplus or refurb phones may not be worth it to me, even though they looked "new". I am mostly wary of the condition of the batteries in them, a couple I opened looked to have pretty cheap (certainly non-original quality) ones.* Just another potential expense to replace soon, along with having to buy a SO phone just to get the SIM...might as well make do with a SO phone offering. I am losing track of my objective, cheap temporary very occasional use, gotta get back on track... You know, "bottom-feeding" sure takes a lot more brainwork than just getting something "good" to start with LOL.

* Edit: forgot to mention, the phone that most interested me, in my price range, was the unlocked Motorola Q9H at $140, partly because I think they are new and complete, the boxes were sealed so I couldn't look inside = assumed complete. So if anybody knows that this wouldn't work with SO, I'd sure like to know by tomorrow LOL when I seems good to go to me (MUCH nicer than the 5130 for an extra $20, good KB and QWERTY). This model would make me feel less hard done by since it's lots closer to what I had at work, strictly psychological since I won't have the plan to go with it...

P.S. I haven't been able to register at the SO forum for whatever reason so far (does teksavvy think the PW email is spam?, I have *never* got a single spam since I've been with TSI). That's why I have to ask seemingly picky stuff here, but hopefully some of my Qs will be the same ones other SO newbs might have and I'm not getting too off-track with the discussion...
2010-06-11 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by cfraser View Post
One question I forgot: perhaps I need to get one of the SO phones that has data capability, if I want to use that SIM and get data with any other phone? The cheapest phone doesn't have data. I did read that SO CS will enable data if you ask though, it just won't be automatic like for the other two models...but I'm not sure of this.
It is the SIM card, not the phone, that allows you to have data access, so it doesn't matter what phone you buy, i.e. AFAIK, every SO simcard has "data capability", regardless of whether the phone it is in has "data capability" or not. For accessing data using a SO Simcard, see this: (scroll down to third article)

Originally Posted by cfraser View Post
I wonder if microSDHC cards work in it? I have a 4GB one, and apparently 4GB ones work even though they say 2GB max., but it says microSD in the 5130 specs (or are all 4GBs SDHC ones, meaning all 4GB should work?). The idea being that I might as well use it to play tunes if not so much for a phone.
SD cards (including micros) maxed out at 2GB, i.e. anything over 2 GBs is SDHC. Some older devices are not capable of reading SDHC, hence the 2 GB max.
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