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2007-08-31 03:37 PM
FreeRadical Boss how many ADSL2+ modems do you have you should have 2. Also my understanding is what you are doing on one modem should not impact what you do on the other one. Anyways here is my experience with SaskTel and their Modems.

When HD came I had a single HD STB. They had to replace my ADSL modem with an ADSL2+ modem when they swapped out my Pace STB for the new one from Motorola. The old modem was a small box that was hooked up to a switch the new one is made by 2 wire and had all sorts of router stuff built in. The only issue I found where TV went bad while I was doing stuff on the internet was when I did the following:
- Download a show from Bit Torrent
- Also had World of Warcraft Patch
I was doing both wireless with my laptop not sure what the cause was but looking back I suspect the 2 wire ADSL2+ might of been overwhelmed by everything it needed to do.

A few months go by and I finally break down and decide I need another STB so I call up SaskTel to get a SD STB. SaskTel comes out and hooks up a second ADSL2+ modem for the SD drop then did a couple things I found interesting. They moved my internet to the new modem with SD on it and they replaced the beige 2 wire unit with a new silver/black one. I asked the installer about this and this is what I learned.

- If you have just HD you get a single ADSL2+ modem and your internet is on the same drop
- If you have HD and SD your internet connection is always on your SD connection

He was not sure why they moved it is was policy. Maybe HD and internet is a bit much for an ADSL2+? or it could be the first 2 wire unit was the cause and that is why they took it away.

With 5+ techs I would not expect any of the following to be issues but here would be my question list:
- Why do I have only one Modem?
- Should my Second STB and Internet be on a different modem than HD TV?
- Shouldn't what I am doing on one ADSL2+ modem have 0 effect on the second ADSL2+ modem?

Guessing if everything is connected correctly and you are seeing issues there is cross talk between the two sets of wires (something I would think the army of techs would of found).

Hope this helps
2007-08-31 03:04 PM
FreeRadical I have had Max since prior to the launch of HD and upgraded to HD when it came out. The product back in November I felt like I was a beta tester. I had freezing, sound issues and my set top box would just lock up when on a channel.

The service improved over time and have not had too many problems since April. When watching TV the signal is good and looks the same as Bell ExpressVu, StarChoice or Access. Probably the biggest drawing card for me has been Movie Central on Demand its great being able to sit down and watch a movie whenever I want.

The STB is not 100% stable I would say it crashes on me once every 2 weeks, this does not happen when watching TV but when in Movie Central on Demand going through the movie list. I do this pretty much daily so it does not happen often enough for the annoyance to be greater than the value I get from having this on demand option.

Channel change time is slower than cable about the same as a satellite service. My channel flipping habit has changed to toggling between two channels and having a mini-guide on the screen.
2007-07-31 04:46 PM
but it is still exceedingly slow and limited when it comes to changing the channel, or using the internet at the same time.
Actually I'm not sure if you can get their High Speed Plus when you have HD??
At any given moment there are 3-4 tvs in my house on at the same time + light-moderate internet usage. I don't like the idea of knowing that I am paying for a service that I can't use, you shouldn't have to baby your service (i.e keep your other box/boxes off so that you can watch hd on your main tv)
Actually in my case upgrading to High Speed Plus seemed to solve all my HD issues. When I had High Speed Classic they insisted that both tv and internet could be handled by the same line, even though heavy internet usage obviously had an adverse affect on the TV. When I upgraded to High Speed Plus they ran a second line into the house, so now TV and internet are on completely separate lines and handled by two different modems (also, there is just the one TV in the house, so the line is completely dedicated to that TV). I'm not 100% certain that this was the only factor in fixing my problems, since the tech said they were working on some kind of line issues or something at the same time, but it's probably worth looking into.
Of course you shouldn't have to pay for High Speed Plus if you don't really want it, but maybe they would run a second line anyway if you pressed them on it?

It really seems like they have the ability to reliably send a single HD signal over the line but no more.
2007-07-31 12:42 PM
wuvhandles The whole point of buying an hdtv is to get a better picture quality. If you don't care about HD, why buy one in the first place. When you have a provider with limited bandwith, your getting a limited signal, thus a limited experience. I've heard Max's HD has improved a lot when it comes to picture quality, but it is still exceedingly slow and limited when it comes to changing the channel, or using the internet at the same time. At any given moment there are 3-4 tvs in my house on at the same time + light-moderate internet usage. I don't like the idea of knowing that I am paying for a service that I can't use, you shouldn't have to baby your service (i.e keep your other box/boxes off so that you can watch hd on your main tv)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but is HDMI still disabled on Sasktel's boxes?
If you only have 1 tv in your house and internet usage isn't too much, then I guess Sasktels service mgiht work for you, but frankly I'd rather go with Shaw or Satelite.
Personally I like Shaw because I find them cheaper than Satellite/Sasktel for my needs (My basic Shaw +high speed is $60 and that gives me 4 tvs and the basic set of HD channels that I watch). + Another $20 month after tax for the pvr (I traded in an older box to get $148 off, though now I think they are giving $148 off for any analog customer going to HD)

If I had Sasktel I'd be paying paying around 53 for max + $10 for hd + 10 extra to get a 5mb download + 2.99x3 for each tv = 83. Same as I'm paying with Shaw, cept without the PVR.
Actually I'm not sure if you can get their High Speed Plus when you have HD?? In the past they had big limits like that, maybe they don't any more...
You do save $10 if you have cell phones with Sasktel, personally I wasn't happy with their cell service, but thats for a different thread.

I had their high speed for years before changing it over to Shaw, and I was happy with their internet, but when it comes to TV, I don't want to bother wtiha service that might/prob be unreliable, or at least have restriction. That and hte fact that my basement is finished and looks nice, and I don't need dsl/phone lines running all over the place It's nice to have an alternative though if I ever get anoyed with Shaw, maybe by the time that happens Sasktel will roll enough fiber/dlams (or whatever their called) around the city to erase all the restrictions associated with their service.

Question, is Sasktel's PVR going to be a dual tuner??
2007-07-31 12:31 PM
cram I also had problems with sasktel for a while after first getting HD in January. But after finally getting a good tech out who really made an effort to track down our problem, everything has been great. It's been literally months now since I've had any kind of freezing or glitches.

I strongly recommend that you at least try it out. There's usually a 4 months for half-price sort of deal on, so if you're experiencing the same kind of problems as some people are, then just cancel at the end of the promotion.
2007-07-31 01:00 AM
Boss just make sure when you are watching tv that no one is on the internet and/or watching tv.

as soon as my wife goes on the internet and starts dl or even surfing, the skipping and freezing goes to hell. i actually power dont my second box in our bedroom when we arnt using it.

ive had 5 service guys, and apparently one of the most "senior" techs came out aswell. overall, they changed everything in the house and i think they even ran 2 new lines to the house.

i actually have had shaw and max in my house for a few months now and have been comparing the two very closely.

pixel for pixel, shaw is better on almost all the channels. i have 2 42" plasma TVs and had them side by side for a few days to compare. i timed sasktel and its taken as much as 4 seconds to change the channel, on average 2.5 while shaw is close to 1 second

ive spent hours on the phone with max, they keep giving me the run around. i have a friend in the tech support dept and he tells me theres not much i can do.

and i am less than 150ft away from the DSLAM! cant get much closer than that.

hell, the cable line to my house is about the same distance and is probably at least 15-20 years old. only problem i've had with shaw is when i got the HD, they needed to install an amp, first installer ran out he said, so the next day them came back.

my friend has been testing their pvr they plan on releasing, he's telling me its nothing but a headache. if you pause live tv, you have to reset the entire unit otherwise it keeps freezing.

all in all, seriously dont waste your time with sasktel.

they are a PHONE company. not a cable company, and they should stick do there guns are provide phone service. not wannabe cable/internet service.
2007-07-30 09:55 PM
walker18 I have had Max HD since the beginning and I must say that despite some major issues at first, I am quite happy with the service now. In fact, it seems that even the SD broadcasts are a lot higher quality. With a PVR set to be released in the next little while I am very happy.
2007-07-30 08:14 AM
cprich2007 I have HD from Sasktel. They been getting some updates and it's getting alot better. No freezing at all so it's alot better now than it first came out.

Can't wait to see it again cause i don't have it but will be in a month from now.
2007-07-29 11:16 PM
sasktel max question

When sasktel max hd first came out i heard about some stability issues.... i was wondering how has the service been as of late?

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