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It is similar to those in the Bell-TV, Shaw Direct, Rogers, Shaw etc forums stating all the features and limitations of the various receivers that all the other providers that people will be able to make a more informed decision about what (if anything) they are going to purchase or rent.
and with MTS being the only provider to actually limit each residence to 3 streams...(only 2 of which are in HD)... MTS is still not even close to being in the game!
Yeah - that comment seems objective to me.

In any case, you are posting off-topic remarks in a thread about a current promotion. My suggestion? Go hang out in the Bell forum from now on.

BACK on topic - I sent an email to MTS about the current promotion, and got a response really quickly stating that it is for "new customers only". Pretty disappointing, but again I'm going to hit one of the malls this weekend and get some physical evidence of the promotion before I call in and try and get my STBs and PVR credited for life...
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