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Timlocke, I don't understand what you're asking.

True Canuck, you're saying basically the same as above.
I thought the same thing, the problem was the signal was going to 2 displays, what the guy above is doing is combining the 2 displays to be one big one and dragging QP to the right display (the HDTV) and dragging the corner to fill the screen.
I tried that, it didn't work.

I also tried toggling the displays so ONLY the TV is active, that didn't work either.
My sound is already congigured for the HDMI cable, no problem there.

RFielder, nothing contradicorty at all.
I said I can watch videos from my laptop on my TV, works fine. I'm talking video files of movies, no problem, everything works great through the HDMI cable.

"When I try watching a Blue Ray though it works for about 10 seconds then I get the following:
"The content is corrected. The content is not allowed to play in the current display mode."

In other words I cannot play a BR the same way.

It's an HP Latop running Vista 64 bit, using QuickPlay 3.7 to play it. Like I said earlier, I got an error during the 3.7 install, something to do with a missing Kernel file.

When you explain what you do to get yours working are you playing a BR disk or regular DVD?
MAybe I'll try Power DVD, I don't think I have that one (I'm at work, will check when I get home.

Thanks for the help guys
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