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Originally Posted by que3jxp View Post
Not exactly true. Verizon is the only other telco in NA that is selling FTTH so it is the only one that can be looked at for apples to apples cost comparisons.

The REAL pricing problem for Aliant is that in most Atlantic markets, there has been no increase in speed of DSL service for a LONG time. Then, when they finally come out with a good jump, the price diff is enormous. If anything, the "No Cap" feature will hopefully force Rogers to drop their caps in the same markets.

At the technical level, FTTH is the only upgrade path for the POTS based telco companies as they have sat on their hands for so long. They have monetized their old copper infrastructure better than anything out there and then when they upgrade, finally, they sell the service like the music industry sold us CDs over cassettes. (For those that are not aware, the music industry got in crap in the USA for gouging on CD prices and lost a massive class action.)
I guess it depends on what you want to compare. What matters to me is what I can actually get. I can't get Verizon. So their prices mean very little to me. I can get FibreOP, and that appears to be beating Rogers pretty handily.

If you want to compare what FTTH customers in different parts of the world can get, then we're not doing so well. Then again, on most such comparisons, the US' Internet service and pricing also does pretty badly compared to some Asian countries.

(Definitely agree about the bundling Oliver, we're able to keep the same total TV bill and add in TMN, which we don't have on Rogers. I also didn't know about the survey, thats a nice touch!)
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