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Besides, Verizon isn't a good comparison. Compare the cost to Aliant's actual competition: Rogers.
Not exactly true. Verizon is the only other telco in NA that is selling FTTH so it is the only one that can be looked at for apples to apples cost comparisons.

The REAL pricing problem for Aliant is that in most Atlantic markets, there has been no increase in speed of DSL service for a LONG time. Then, when they finally come out with a good jump, the price diff is enormous. If anything, the "No Cap" feature will hopefully force Rogers to drop their caps in the same markets.

At the technical level, FTTH is the only upgrade path for the POTS based telco companies as they have sat on their hands for so long. They have monetized their old copper infrastructure better than anything out there and then when they upgrade, finally, they sell the service like the music industry sold us CDs over cassettes. (For those that are not aware, the music industry got in crap in the USA for gouging on CD prices and lost a massive class action.)

Considering people have already ordered it, I would say you're wrong.
That is a straw man. It is inevitable that SOMEONE will buy/order ANY new product/service. The greater point is that the uptake will be VERY small compared to what it COULD be if the prices were better. Enthusiasts and bit torrent freaks will be all over this stuff but really, what percentage of the population is that?

The only really good reasoning that I can see for the prices is that early adopters are always a good source of income and that the price will also allow them to keep just enough people off the new network just in case there is an issue with provisioning and they do not want to overload the network right away.
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