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Shaw disconnect in unrented bsmt suite

No, they came to the house, made sure all 4 connections were working including the ones in the bsmt. They came to the house when they connected it in June/09. We had the cable box activated shortly thereafter and were enjoying our big screen TV for a month in the bsmt suite until they disconnected this past Thursday. We purchased the media room stuff in Aug/09. I called Shaw when they disconnected and they were not receiving a signal to or from the cable box in the bsmt. As I said, that cable box WAS working since early Aug. I connected the cable directly to the TV and there was snow. I tried the other outlet connected in the bsmt and still snow. The upstairs outlet is working.

Note: the first CSR I spoke with told me we had to get rid of our stove and fridge down there so it was not a "suite". How freaking expensive AND ugly would that be? That is the "man room" in the house and my husband does not want to run upstairs for a cold beer!!!!

Does anyone have another suggestion other than switch companies as we've sunk so darned much money into this already. I've sent a complaint in to the CRTC as well. If our only choice is to switch companies, does anyone know if a sattelite can use the existing Shaw wiring? Our house is new and I don't want to be punching a bunch of holes in our walls for a new cable system. Telus TV is not available in our area yet.

We are switching phone service back to Telus over this. I've made that very clear to Shaw. We've been great customers to them and our bill was over $225 / mo for almost a year. It'll be down to just cable now as we've also disconnected our high speed internet with them. Boy they're frustrating.

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