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I agree the price for the internet service is insane...

Just because NB has not been slaughtered by the recession doe not mean you can come in and charge that price for a non-essential service!!!

For comparison, here are the FTTH prices from Verizon (If you have home phone too):
  • 15D / 5U - $49.99 with exchange: $53.43
  • 25D / 15U - $64.99 with exchange: $69.46
  • 50D / 20U - $139.95 with exchange: $149.58

Even if we rounded these up a little in price, they are still lower than what we are about to be charged... And remember boys and girls, FTTH is FTTH is FTTH.

I guess we can just hope that the prices slide down a little as they get more deployed but I also would be plenty happy with say $10 more than my current Aliant package and then it be 5/5 or 10/5 instead of 5/0.6 like it is now.
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