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<start rant> SD is so useless!

Signed up throught the online programming change on August 26. Received a response from SD that my request had been processed later that day.

Get home from the cottage to watch the game I had setup to record on the "fantastic" DVR. Go to the recording and have 1.5 hours of "a subscription is required to view this program"

Dail their "customer service" to get things fixed. Our wait time currently exceeds 60 minutes. Great!!! the game will be over by then! I can't even be bothered to wait that long, so I'll call later tonight.

My assumption is that they screwed up everyone's NFL sunday ticket and that's why they're so busy.

All I know is that when I managed a call centre (over 300 FTE) for a large bank, I would be getting raked over the coals if the wait times ever got to 20 minutes let alone 60!
<end rant>
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