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SIM cards can only be activated once. You can change phone numbers on an account but you can't activate/de-activate and re-activate the same SIM. For example if I have a SIM card and lose my phone(with SIM in it), I have to go buy another SIM. Once I activate the new SIM, the old one in the phone I lost will no longer work and cannot ever be re-activated for any account. With Pay As You Go as long as you add time to your account (or call in to have the ACCOUNT re-activated if it was deactivated) within 6 months then that's ok. Technically the account still exists it's just not accessible, that's why it can be re-activated but not past the 6-month window for prepaid. I don't know what the rules are exactly but I think prepaid accounts stop working after 3 months of no-use.

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