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absolutely disgusting

I used to trust Henry's over the years, until my recent experience.

I bought a Canon 1D Mark III body (a ~$5500 camera) what I thought was a brand new item in the store. When I got home I realized that it was an open box item: most of the cables were not in their plastic packaging, the paper CD case was torn, missing video cable (!), and the camera has the date and time setting correctly set when I turned it on the first time. Plus, When I tested the camera in my home studio using 85mm f/1.2 lens at f/16 aperture, to my horror there was a significant amount of dust on every photo I have taken. I suspect the sensor has been exposed for awhile by some incompetent people at Henry's.

I came back to the store and I explained to them in a manner that they won't get defensive. However, they wrongly made the assumption that it was my fault and would not accept an exchange or return unless I pay a hefty restocking fee. These were the words from the store manager. I was outraged and left the store, knowing that I paid full price for an expensive open-box body with a missing video cable that should came with the camera. I will NEVER EVER buy from Henry's again, I don't care if they have a lens or body on sale. Their prices are always high anyways, I keep wondering why they are still in business. Shoddy customer service at its finest.
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