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Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
Only the 8300HD shuts down every night - the other boxes stay powered on - unless there is a power outage or there is a software refresh from Rogers which happens occaionally.

But with all of these boxes you can set them to power on with any key press which should solve this problem as long as it always tunes the channel.
Would that not cause the channel to fail to register the first digit? For example, if you're trying to tune channel 112, wouldn't it miss the first digit and instead tune channel 12?

Assuming this is the case, is it possible to force the IR blaster/firewire to add a 0 to the front of the channel, for example entering channel 0112? This is also assuming that it will instantly register channel changes upon startup...

Sorry for all the questions, I have an 8300HD at home (owned not a rental so no exchange possibilities) that I've been interested in adding to my HTPC (kind of holding out for rumoured native support for the HD-PVR in 7MC) and this sounds like a game-breaker for me if it seriously affects reliability. No way the family will accept that.
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