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Interesting. I have DSL for my Internet access, and I can take my modem anywhere, plug it in, and ... using my own account... get Internet access. Not tied to the phone number, house address, anything. In fact, I can use two modems at two different addresses, and be logged in to the same provider at the same time from both places.

One would think that, particularly with User ID requirements and passwords, this would not be allowed, but they don't seem to care. So theoretically, I'm paying for one account but able to use it elsewhere at the same time. It's aggravating that I can use a cell phone wireless account from anywhere, but not my home account for Shaw.

If I buy a second cell phone, and have it assigned the same phone number, then could I use both phones at the same time to log on? Since I'm paying for the second cell phone as a receiver, does the same concept apply to a Shaw Direct box as a receiver?

... Mike
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