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I think the mindset here goes back to the 70s, when the cable companies (at least in Ontario) charged for every extra outlet in the house. Even before that, Bell would charge extra for more than two 'phone outlets, IIRC. Eventually it became law that a minimum number of 'phone and cable outlets were required as part of every residential construction permit; Radio Shack sold all the parts you needed for phone and cable connections.

Cable companies didn't use STBs so you could plug in a TV/TVs anywhere in your house.
Cable installers were told flat out by many customers: "You can cut the tip off that outlet, but I'll just hook it up again after you leave." The opposition eventually caved in.

Today, the cable companies benefit over the sat companies because--by sheer force of logistics--we can't run a cable from our houses to our cottages. But back in the day, they also made a lot of money renting/selling set-top converter boxes, before TVs included them. And so with the onset of satellite feeds, there's a mental block against the morality, or lack thereof, of paying once and taking it everywhere. Let's not even talk about the music business... .

... Mike
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