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most people are not quite so honest when it comes to tv. i'm often finding on a service call that not all the receivers listed on the account are present and accounted for. somehow i don't believe them when they say the other 2 receivers are in the rv when they only have 1 at home.
i wouldn't blame the satellite providers for their policies though. it's the networks like tsn and discovery that want to be paid for every pair of eyes watching their show. they are willing to make a concession for the family who wants to have several receivers in the same house and allow 5 or 6 boxes activated on one account as long as they are all in the same house. what you often find though are people taking a receiver from home and hooking it up in their business's waiting room or giving a receiver to a relative, or putting a receiver in their rental property. they will tell their son to get a job to pay his way through university but when it comes to tv they are only too happy to give it away for free.
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