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OK. I received my HD PVR and having some issues.
Here is the set-up
Hauppauge HD PVR hooked up to Rogers 8300 PVR
Windows 7 MCE with DVBlink installed.

I now have audio and video on the MCE screen but if I go to MCE guide I can not change the channels.

Only my rogers remote I can change the channels . If I use my keyboard to jump on the same channel in MCE guide I think I can record as long as they are simulatenious. But I can not change the channels using MCE guide (with or without remote - or mouse).

I have these remotes (& IR Blasters).
Original HD PVR blaster and remote (hooked up to HD PVR and installed drivers but not sure).
Original MCE 2005 Remote and blaster (working)
Rogers 8300 HD Remote
Harmony 550.
I also have Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 7000 (Bluetooth).

So where should I look at so that when i change the channel on MCE the rogers box also changes the channel.
Do I need to buy a firewire cable and card (since my comp does not have FW port).
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