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I've been with MTS for a while now and I've learned one thing... MTS has to be the worst television/internet/phone provider ever... I got a motorolla rokr z6m from an MTS dealer in brandon, and have since moved to portage. Went in to the MTS store there to change my cell number and, after waiting for them for over 2 hours, still did not have a portage number. I've been to several MTS dealers since and none of them seem to be able to change the number for me... So now I'm stuck in portage, with a brandon number, making it long distance for anyone I know in town to call. Me and my wife have since switched to shaw for our tv/internet/home phone needs, and we love it! Best customer support we've had. I still have a year left on my MTS contract and I can guarantee that when it's up I won't be going back. I was considering buying out my contract but... 30$ per month to buy out the contract, on a $24 a month service? Wheres the logic in that? I'll be going over the contract I signed with a fine toothed comb to see if theres any loopholes I can find, and I will be fighting this every step of the way. I'm a really nice guy but I've had it. MTS will be sorry they ever entered in to a contract with me. Hey, maybe if they want to get rid of me after I start annoying them... I'll charge them $30 for each month thats left on my contract!
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