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Does anyone know about their HD-PVR? $3 to rent a receiver and another $5 for the PVR...not sure if you can buy it.

Who makes it...model number...inputs/ - (Alcatel-Lucent Canada and Microsoft Mediaroom) Microsoft IPTV, HDMI, Coax and Toslink and unfortunately 720p as opposed to the 1080i from Bell-TV.

Is it dual tuner? - The rep says this can record 3 channels at one time...while you watch another live...not sure if this is remotely possible...but it sounds awesome.

The stated hard drive is 160GB yet it can house 25 hours of HD? - different compression?

How long is the guide...7 days...

Also...what area is being served at the moment...(I'm in the south-east) their pricing really seems to target the Bell crowd?

He said that the PVR system is not available in South St. Vital at the moment either...but by the end of June half of Winnipeg will be covered...and by the end of year everyone in Winnipeg should have access.

He also stated that they are feverishly negotiating with every HD channel (available in Canada) to carry them all...and he emphasized EVERY they want to blow Bell away...this is very very interesting...and if everything the rep says is true...(I have yet to actually see the Unit) may just prove to be a viable alternative to Bell-TV for us in Manitoba...(we may be able to finally be on an even playing field with those that have access to Rogers Cable)...although no word on "in-demand" yet...although I do believe the capabilities are present.

Ain't competition grand

One last thought...I'm not sure if MTS will include all of these features in the release of their PVR...however...listen to what the Mediaroom PVR is capable of doing...and is currently doing in the US for AT&T.

You can watch a game in 720p with players on teams in your fantasy league displayed below in low-res picture-in-picture and switch streams at any time." Each stream has its own set of metadata associated with it, which can include player stats that can be setup by the user online...that in SuperCool.

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