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Originally Posted by SomeRandomGuy View Post
I spoke to a guy I met in Best Buy on the weekend, we were both buying HDTV's he was buying one because he has the new MTStv service already at his home here in Winnipeg, and says it is amazing. 3 channels - 2 HD 1 SD, you can record on any non-utilized stream you are not already watching, so 3 shows recording at once....


Also said that Internet goes to DHCP, and is extreamely stable and he gets a full 7mb / 2mb service. With the 2 wire Gateway acting as a firewall and router (both wired and wireless).

I can hardly wait until it is launched so I can get it.....
Did you find out where in Winnipeg?

And also, has anyone heard if use the 2wire gateway is required? What I mean is, is there also a "traditional" modem so I can use my current router? I'm not dead set on it but I would like to know what the options are.
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