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I'm new to too, and there's a lot of material to go through.

the 1.49Cents/min is the rate I'd be paying (plus extra charges like Call display) when receiving incoming calls
Yes, this is the per-minute plan pricing, or you can have unlimited incoming for $8.95/mo

Termination rate 0.49Cent/min or 1.25Cents/min is what I'd be paying to make outgoing calls? I'm assuming when you sign up you can select the quality you want to use when making outgoing calls?
Yes, these are the stated rates for Canada on the Value and Premium routing options respectively, however, the current value rate is actually 0.51 right now. Calls to the US are 1.05c/min (value) and 1.25c/min (premium). Note that you also pay for toll-free termination at a rate of 0.25c/min

There are two routing options to provide different levels of quality at different prices. I recall reading that CallerID is guaranteed on premium termination but best effort on value. You select your preferred routing option in your account preferences, but there are also dialling prefixes to override that setting and force a specific routing.

One thing I find odd is that it's cheaper to call the UK on premium (1.14c/min) than it is to call within North America (1.25c/min)

One more thing on the routing. Fearing the worst, I initially setup everything for premium routing. The quality was great, but I recently switched my NA calls to value and not really noticed any difference.

Finally, note that I've only been using on termination; testing an alternative to my soon-to-be-gone Rogers VOIP service. I'm about to take the plunge into origination, and for that I have a bunch of questions myself.
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