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PRoblem with one feed

Have the DPP twin and DPP44 set-up (swapping out dual LNB's and SW44) and have 3 of the 4 receivers - the 9292 with seperator even working with both tuners :-) but am having the line with the power injector (output 1) receiving only 1 sat (91). It is a 3100.

Check Switch (doing 1 of 1 test) finds:
Dish Input 1
Sat 91
Transp ALL
Device FEED
..with a warning only 1 satellite was found.

All others (including another 3100) all work fne and check switch finds both satellites. Replaced the line between the injector and the DPP44 with the line from the injector the originial that had no problems previous.

Any ideas as to what to look at or suggestion?
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