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Shaw Tech came on Friday and simply swapped out the Aspen that was only about a week old. Of course all my one-time only recordings went with it and I was really not happy but what am I to do? I told him I will be asking for a stack of them to be left if this happens again as I am really tired of being a 'beta tester', This tech explained to me that he has one of these Aspen units and has had no problems at all. I asked how long he has had it and he said it was about 3 months now so apparently I am not the one being the 'beta tester' after all. Yet, how is it that not one single box I have ever bought has worked as it should from the start? Between my girlfriend and I, we have 4 PVRs and all have been replaced multiple times. Most of them are Motos but I have now had multiple copies of all boxes offered by Shaw so it would seem there is a greater problem here.

This technology is not ready for public release. Sure, some might consider it 'good enough' but I sure don't and nor do most of the rest of us here on DHC. Yes, Nanuuk, we all know you are very happy with your experience. Shaw wishes we were all as forgiving as you are when it comes to their services.

As I said previously, I was impressed that Shaw was able to send out a tech the next day and when I told the tech this, he explained that he isn't even a cable tech. He said I can thank the fact there are no current problems with the Internet as that is what he actually does; he's a computer tech. As such, he couldn't answer any of my 'cable' related questions since he doesn't have any of those skills or experience. I thanked him for at least being available to bring me yet another new box.

I will report again on my experience with this Aspen unit but I am certainly not holding my breath.

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