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1. How many HD and SD streams are allowed?
2HD Streams + 2 SD Streams (Video on Demand uses up one HD stream, regardless if content is HD or not)

2. What is the max Internet speed?
Currently for Portage customers, the only available speed is MTS Lightning. This will change for Winnipeg.

3. Is there only 1 PVR per residence and can it be played from any STB (Whole Home PVR)?

Each MTS customer recieves 1 VIP-1216, This is the PVR model. Whether they choose to activate the PVR ($5/mo) is up to them. Portage customers get free PVR access for the first 3 months. "Whole Home PVR" (The ability to watch recorded shows from the VIP1216 on any of your other STBs) is currently not available, but expected in the future. No customer-end changes are required to implement this.

4. Can you program your recording schedule via PC or mobile phone?
Not currently.

5. Any other special features?
Many, however still in the works. More to be released at, or shortly after Winnipeg launch later in 2009.

6. If I understand correctly the minimum cost for a PVR is $8/month ($3 + $5)?
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