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So far, so bad. I am more than a little disappointed to say I am not at all impressed with the Aspen. After not being able to watch CSI: Miami in HD from Monday night (the recording time bar showed the full 1:01 hour recorded but would not play no matter what I did) the TSR said 'Oh, I know what's wrong. Your box was not configured correcty when it was installed.' He did a reset from the office (the box did a full reload of the firmware from what I could tell by watching the front display) while I was on the phone and asked me to try another recording and to call in if it happend again. That was yesterday.

Guess who I had to call tonight? I was watching CSI and it got to the :27 point and started into a 5 second 'loop'. If I tried to FF it would only jump to the very end. So I called again and set up another appointment for a tech to 'come by and fix it'.

I then tried to watch Grey's Anatomy and, wouldn't you know it, the exact same thing happens, and it's even at the same :27 mark. Very strange. Both of these shows had been recorded at the same time so maybe that had something to do with it? I called Shaw again and asked for a sooner appointment and they are coming tomorrow afternoon. I then tried to watch Private Practice and there is no sound!!! WTF?!? FF or REW does nothing so I can't even check the rest of the program.

I am now watching LA Ink and it seems to have recorded just fine. Oddly enough, it was recorded at the same time as Private Practice so there is no consistency there. All of these were in HD, fwiw.

I hate to say it but I had a bad feeling about letting my Tahoe go as it would at least record what I asked it to without any issues other than the white pixels on the right side of the screen. I can just hear the tech now: 'We can give you a refurbed Moto'. No thanks. I want an expandible PVR that I paid for. Just bring me a stack of them and I will go through them one by one until I find one that works. I won't even send you a bill for being a 'beta tester' while still paying my monthly cable bill.

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