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In Vancouver the electronics store Sunny Electronics seems to be under the Audiotronics umbrella name. Although it's only a single location, virtually everyone that I know has heard of Sunny (especially for Sony products). Although their store front sign says Sunny Electronics Audiotronic, nobody I know knows the Audiotronic name nor refers to the store by any other name other than Sunny.

I originally bought my first Sony TV from them about 20 years ago and recently (Dec/08) bought a new 46" Sony XBR6 and model 350 blu-ray player. About two weeks later my brother also bought a (slightly different) Sony TV and the same BD player.

My experience with them was very good. I went in there with what was the best sale price for the equipment that I was looking for and within about 10 minutes we had agreed on a better price (not just price matched but beat the competition).

Now that A&B Sound had gone under, Sunny Electronics will definitely be the place that I recommend to people in the Vancouver area.

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