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Just to add to this discussion. I did buy a 7-eleven phone $100 for one year and a $75 credit toward a Nokia 2760. So for $116 got a year. I just bought a SIM card(T-Mobile) for $10US on Ebay, mailed to me. Just activated the T-Mobile in Canada. Now I have my 7-eleven for Canada for a year and a T-Mobile for my trips to Washington state.

A little bonus was that there was supposed to be $3.34 of time (10 minutes) with the SIM card but to my surprise Nov15-Jan15 T-Mobile offered a $10 bonus each of 3 months for activation of a phone. Someone needed a phone and not the SIM card so they sold the card and the bonus on Ebay without realizing that the bonus applied I guess. So for my $12 CDN I have 39 minutes of time when I go to the states and next month they will add another $10 and the next month $10 again. $12 got me 33.34 of time and the SIM card.
$10 gives me another 90 days after April and once the $100 is spent I will be getting a year for the $10.
I might consider just keeping t-mobile at ..59 or .69 a minute in Canada with $10/year cost. I barely ever use it so it might make sense.

Glad you guys discussed this!!!
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