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Originally Posted by bobb View Post
I tried to use the firewire process for offloading from a 8300 PVR but my 8300 kept crashing/rebooting so I gave up on this. My main use of this unit will be to offload recorded programs. From what I have read my application would require me to connect component cables from the 8300 to the HDPVR, and I am supposing a HDMI cable from the 8300 to the tv so that I can see the recording that I want moved over to the Hauppauge. Is this correct? Can the 8300 support dual outputs?
As 57 said the 8300 only supports either the HDMI or component. The way to connect the HD-PVR is to connect the component outputs from your 8300 to the HD-PVR component input and then connect the HD-PVR component output to your TV (or receiver). There really is very little, if any, picture quality difference between component and HDMI. That way you don't have to be screwing around with cables.

I can understand the desire to offload previously required programs, but using the HD-PVR in this way is kind of like using a Lada to tow a BMW! Any PC based PVR software is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than the 8300 that it is ridiculous. Since it sounds like you are buying (or have bought) the HD-PVR then you have gone through the big expense. Download Sage (there is a 21 day free trial) and try it out. The UI is about 5 generations beyond what you will find on the 8300. And if you don't like Sage there is BeyondTV, GBPVR, MythTV, etc.

The only problem will be if you are trying to watch live TV when the Sage/HD-PVR is trying to record a program. But you may like it so much that you may buy a non-PVR HD box and use your PC as a PVR.
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