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Originally Posted by uwobobby View Post
Finally, I am having a really hard time getting a signal in or outside my house, does anyone have the Stiletto 2? If so, how did you get your device up and running?
Do you have a home kit for your Stiletto 2? If not, you most likely won't get very good satellite reception indoors using only it's internal satellite antenna or if there are no terrestrial repeaters in your area. Regardless, you just might find that you need to get a home kit in order to get any reception from the satellites while at home. You'll have to experiment to find the best place in your house to permanently locate your antenna, keeping in mind that, unlike the XM satellites which are stationary, the Sirius satellites are constantly moving.

In the meantime, until your satellite reception issues get resolved, the best thing to allow you to receive Sirius programming on your Stiletto 2 while at home is to use it's Wi-Fi capability.
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