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Originally Posted by jwt873 View Post
FWIW, Arizona is one state that doesn't charge any tax. So, if you subscribe through an Arizona address, you won't pay any tax at all on your subscription. I was lucky enough to renew my 2yr subscription when the dollar was near par. If I average out the 2 years, my US subscription is only costing me just over 11 bucks a month and I don't pay any tax at all for the service.. No state tax, no PST, no GST

I didn't realize that Arizona didn't charge sales tax on satellite radio subs. (Their sales tax rate is normally 5.6% on everything except food and prescription drugs.) For an example at the other end of the spectrum, Florida's state sales tax is 6% on everything except food, prescription and non-prescription drugs and... satellite radio subs which they charge 15%!

Just to add, the US states which do not charge sales tax on anything are:

New Hampshire
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