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Telus High Speed Internet - Rate Protection Plan

Wow... do I feel silly.
I am locked in on a 3 year Telus Internet Term, I have 3 months left and have been paying 34.95/mos (which originally incuded a "free" modem and "free" 19 inch LCD monitor and up to 3 Mbps).
Long story short I just found out that this rate is higher than the current High Speed Extreme of "up to 6 Mbps" so even if my location couldn't get those speeds I should just be paying for the regular service for 25.95/mos and I could have done that 9 months ago.
I guess the rason I am posting this is to inform any other "protection plan" subscribers with less than one year left on their term could reduce their payments.
The other reason relates to the phrase "misery loves company" and right now I feel like the only fool at 1.2 Mbps paying at an extreme cost.
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