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My EHD which was filled and had the resets-receiver-on-access issue still happened with 183. I hooked the EHD up to my PC and wiped it, then let the 9242 reformat it for use.

I archived a show to the EHD as a test. Worked OK.

I tried to watch the show directly from the EHD - wouldn't work - too much stuttering.

I then tried to restore the show from the EHD, and it consistently gives an error 855 "error copying from the USB device".

So, although 183 has solved my restarting issues, and the EHD is able to sleep and wake OK as it is accessed, it's still not working with my Maxtor 300GB in a Vantec Nexstar enclosure.

If I was really a masochist I would buy a Lacie drive and try it, but I think the problem with viewing shows directly from the EHD has more to do with encryption overhead than USB bandwitdth limitations.

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