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North Bay/Callander?

I have read through as many threads as I could but could not find any reference as to what people are running in the Callander area. I recently moved to Ontario from Northern B.C. and purchase a house with a TV tower attached. I would like to put a new antenna and rotor on this tower. The tower is the normal triangular type tower with the mid section attached to the house. It is approximately 35 feet high (above the roof of the two storey house). I have a 2007 DLP TV with a Quams tuner and would like to split the signal 3 ways. If you are looking on Google map I am in the Tillicum Bay Road area near the water. I am down in Toronto this week and would like to purchase the needed equipment before I head back up (keep the wife happy factor). I am guessing an inline amplifier would be suggested as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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