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The last time I scanned for clear QAM on my cogeco cable I could watch about 8 stations in HD. Problem is, I was doing that on my XP server, not within VMC. Then I tried VMC, changed my location to Buffalo, downloaded the Huappauge QAM driver, and I could scan and watch those same 8 channels in HD in VMC. However the EPG was incorrect. Tough to schedule recordings.

So currently I have 3 STB's, but use none of them to record in VMC. Instead, I record in analog using two 1800's as I find the picture quality better than digital (ghosting yes, but far fewer jaggies on the highly compressed digital channels).

Since I couldn't record in digital, I gave up on it throughout the house; STB's are unused (I bought them) and I just record the major shows in analog. Sad but true.
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