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post #106 of 123 (permalink) Old 2019-06-06, 12:46 AM
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For what it is worth...
saw the link to the chinese device manufacturer there.
It reminded me of this cheap chinese atsc 1.0 device someone recently posted about on the linux-media mailing list as not being supported in the current linux kernel.

Curious about it, I found some on ebay for $10 apiece, so bought a couple to play around with myself. They showed up here on Friday May 31. I started playin around with one on Sunday, and got it working with some modifications to the usb bridge chip that it uses by Monday night. I only mention it cause that company has a history of making cheap devices that have limited support in linux, but are 'close enough' to other existing devices such that a complete write from scratch isn't necessary, but the community still winds up having to support themselves. I had to do the same thing to get a cheap satellite tuner from the same company to work a couple years ago. I have to thank them for providing a cheap hardware platform, with limited support, such that one can hack around with and see what makes them go. I need to play around some to see if there's any bells & whistles we can tune up some time. But it is basically working.
I certainly wouldn't be willing to do that for the $70 atsc 3 device though, not till they come down to a similar $10 apiece
below snapper is the cheap atsc device which is branded 'mohu' but is mygica a681 hardware playing in linux after the usb bridge module's modification.

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Quite the contrarian! I always value a differing opinion.

One of the reasons the Geniatech A683 looks like a decent product is many name brands in OTA technology have decided to partner with them, they include Tablo, Antennas Direct, Hauppauge, Plex and Pixelworth via

Canadians used to laugh at the quality of "Goldstar" products, yet within 10 years that company was a leader in flat screen monitors, same goes for Samsung.

Technology is evolving at a pace most of us aren't capable of following. ATSC 3.0 devices, dongles, USB's, etc, will be available at competitive prices within a year.

Majortom, I'm surprised you linked a beef with Geniatech as your supporting documentation, it's like cherry picking , bad revues.

P.S. These ATSC 3.0 developers couldn't give a **** about linux, it's all going to be about android. Apple will be left waning.

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post #108 of 123 (permalink) Old 2019-06-06, 03:25 AM
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Frank Zappa,

I didn't link, or say that I had a 'beef' with anything. My post wasn't meant to debate anything, or hurt your feelings..
I like playing around with the stuff is all...
And if it weren't for the chinese, I wouldn't be able to.

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post #109 of 123 (permalink) Old 2019-06-06, 02:50 PM
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Sorry Maj, in my post Raptors win joy and liquid fueled state I took your post as a diss to Geniatech, my bad!

As far as hurting my "feelings" don't worry good sir, I am a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Stuart Smalley's "Daily Affirmations".

If $69.99 is too much for an ATSC 3.0 tuner I suspect the linux based one at $895.00 is totally off your map.

I suspect these tuners will rapidly decrease in price, Sinclair is offering millions of these chips to wireless handset makers for free.

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post #110 of 123 (permalink) Old 2019-12-18, 02:41 PM
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I interesting video on a tester getting a chance give his findings on ATSC3.0 in testing -
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post #111 of 123 (permalink) Old 2020-01-04, 03:14 PM
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Looks like the door is now open for some of these ATSC 3.0STB's and dongles to hit the North American market.

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It is amazing how things have changed since the introduction of ATSC 2.0 and HD vs ATSC 3.0 and UHD/4K. When I got my first HDTV in 2002 OTA was the best way to get HD content and it was years ahead of cable. Streaming didnít really exist.

Now with UHD, OTA is just beginning to become available while we have had UHD available on cable for years and via streaming for years. So OTA is now several years behind in terms of adopting higher resolutions.

FYI - Blue Jays games became available on Rogers in 4K in 2016. And all Blue Jays home games have been in 4K since the beginning of 2017. Netflix began 4K streaming in 2014.

Anyone aware of when we will have Canadian channels broadcasting via ATSC 3.0?
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post #113 of 123 (permalink) Old 2020-01-04, 04:38 PM
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Likely never unfortunately.
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post #114 of 123 (permalink) Old 2020-01-14, 10:40 AM
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More from CES 2020 being discussed .....
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post #115 of 123 (permalink) Old 2020-01-14, 11:12 AM
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A different approach on this

New South Korean Testbed Takes Aim at Confirming ATSC 3.0 Service Models
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post #116 of 123 (permalink) Old 2020-01-18, 03:13 PM
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Geniatech A683 ATSC USB TV Stick is a Pen sized digital USB TV Stick. You can watch and record ATSC 1.0/3.0/QAM on smart devices. Live TV on Windows/Linux/Mac and Android TV OS Device.

You can plug it directly into your Android TV's USB port (this would be perfect on my new Sony). Plus, it was only 69 US.
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post #117 of 123 (permalink) Old 2020-01-18, 06:40 PM
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Interesting to see some ATSC 3.0 devices coming along. (but I hope we won't need them for a while)

I looked up the Geniatech page on the A683 stick, and it doesn't give much information.
I have a few questions:

Does it really get ATSC 1.0 and 3.0? That would be nice. Does that require separate tuners in the stick?

It says that it can feed directly into a USB port on a TV. I assume that needs to be an Android TV or other smart TV, with an app or other software.

It can let you watch and record. Does that depend on the device, OS and software used?
The Geniatech page says you can watch live TV using Plex for Windows, Linux and Mac, and Live Channels on Android.

What about recording? Will it depend on compatibility with software like NextPVR, MythTV, etc.?
Are any of those PVR software systems ready for 3.0, or does it make any difference?

I didn't think that any Android device could do recording (back-end) except Nvidia Shield via Plex-Pass.

The Geniatech page also says that the tuner "supports multilingual programming"
Maybe they are referring to language support for EPG or other digital data, but it reminds me of the story of Alexander Graham Bell demonstrating the telephone at a World Fair, and the King of Spain was delighted to discover that the telephone worked in Spanish as well as English :-)

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post #118 of 123 (permalink) Old 2020-01-19, 12:27 AM
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Yes it will require multiple demods in the same dongle.
That's fairly common to have multiple demods in one device for multiple systems though. I would think is gonna be safe to assume their linux support is awful, based on my experience with the A681. I literally had to write my own kernel module to get it to work in a modern linux kernel. But once I did, the older A681 did work pretty well.
Forget about the multilingual stuff, probably just related to some tuning/viewer software they might provide when bundled in a boxed package. No one will ever use that sort of bundled stuff for anything.

The A681 did work OK with SmartDVB when I was testing it in windows just to confirm it functioned. It will be interesting to play around with some new hardware whenever it's around for a reasonable price. For me, I'll wait till they are on closeout like the A681s I bought for $10 each. Will be a while, but we can wait.

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post #119 of 123 (permalink) Old 2020-01-19, 09:23 PM
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Geniatech haven't replied to me about when I can get a sample of the A683 or the pricing, their website showed $69.99 back in June when I first linked it 30 posts ago but now it defaults to a home gateway when trying to purchase. They probably have a ton of atsc1.0 devices they are trying to unload. They should take their cue from Atari and just bury that crap(while maintaining property rights on said grounds).
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IMHO ATSC3.0 is only of real benefit to the OTA broadcasters. Integrating the broadcast with the internet will allow the broadcasters to monitor what shows are watched and by how many in their broadcast area. As far as 4K, I've watched OTA of some of the sports events that have been absolutely superb quality but the broadcasters are dependent upon the feed being received. I have both a 4K tv and a 3D capable tv and seldom watch anything in 3D due to the need for 'special glasses' and recommended time limit for continuous viewing.... it was a great sales feature at the store though! 8K may be of some benefit to folks with extremely large screens but I doubt anyone could see much difference on a normal size set. When they come up with hologram broadcasts and interactive tv sets, that would peak my interest!
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