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My 9200 started to go into a reboot loop.
I tried a short HDD test from the memory dump screen. It said there is an error no nhard drive found the disk and hung there.
Pressing the power button in front of the unit has given me the 2 flashing red lights. S in this forum I read that the flashing red lights mean it's trying to reformat the drive, but after a few hours I don't think that's happening.
I have tried hard reboots with cables off and back on, always with the same results (flashing red lights).
If the machine is indeed trying to format the drive, will another drive fix the problem?
Does anyone know how to get out of this flashing loop?
I read somewhere in this forum that you should have your machine in dual mode when you are trying these tests (mine was).
I have tried the reset/both by power button and unplug and both with hard drive in and out but can't get rid of red flashing lights, is waiting the 24hours - streamed only way out? ( will that work?) should macine be plugged or unplugged during the 24hours if so? Anyone???
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